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Splashdown for Watersports Escort Girl

The watersports escort wore white lace. He loved white lace. A white bra encased Janet's firm breasts in the delicate fabric, sweeping down to the deep dip of her waist where the lacy suspender belt took over. White clips held white lacy stockings in place. The blonde escort was an erotic vision. He'd gasped with instant appreciation when she had walked into the room on impossibly high heels. Her long toned legs showing off the stockings to perfection. His erection had been spontaneous and strong. Knowing exactly what he liked and what turned him on, the watersports escort had walked the room for him. Her high heels had clipped loudly on the smooth tiled floor, the rhythm of sexual desire. He had watched, stroking his cock while imagining what was to come. In fact, he'd almost come too soon in his excitement. Janet knew him well though. They had built up a rapport over time with their regular dates. She had known the right moment to stop walking and start participating. Now he stood with his bare feet on the cold floor, receiving deep OWO from the escort. His toes curled against the smooth surface and his fingers folded into tight fists. The sweet agony of intense sexual pleasure coursed through his veins. Janet's hot mouth, agile tongue and expert technique were driving him towards a powerful release. He watched his hard dick slide in and out of the watersports escort's mouth and marvelled at the sensual beauty of her lips around his erection. Saliva glistened on his tight, hot flesh. He groaned out loud, feeling the pressure build, knowing that his climax was ready to burst forth. With a loud pop, Janet pulled his cock from her mouth. Her small feminine hands pumped his length, sliding easily through spit and pre-cum. White spunk rushed up from his balls, drawing a wave of euphoria with it. Cum splattered over the pristine white of her lace bra, soaking into the material. Janet looked up at him, her expression naughty. 'I'm all dirty,' the naughty watersports escort said, 'Wash it off.' He grinned. 'With pleasure,' he said before releasing a steady stream of hot, clear piss. The liquid gushed over her lacy underwear making it go transparent, revealing the pink of her nipples. Down it flowed, over her flat belly and the rise of her pussy. Her snowy white stockings darkened, her thighs went slick and a pool of piss formed around her knees. With a loud moan, he went hard again. The South Kensington escort's eyes lit up with mischief. She stood up, pushed him back onto the bed and climbed on top of him, pressing her piss soaked body against his. He groaned. 'You like that, don't you?' murmered the sexy watersports escort. 'You have no idea how much,' he said. 'Show me how much,' said Janet as she slid his hard dick inside her tight pussy. The beautiful escort sat up, gripping him with her piss soaked thighs and pressing his hands against the wet lace that covered her large breasts. He thrust his hips up into her and she responded with a moan of pleasure. 'That's it baby. Fuck me til' I come.' And he did.


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