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Spiked Heel Massage from Luscious Escort Lisa

The European escort flicked her long dark hair over her shoulder and walked across the hard floor. Her spiked high heels made a loud tapping sound that echoed through the room with each confident step. He sat on the edge of the massage table. His knuckles were white as his fingers gripped its surface. All the while, his erection stood proud. The contrast of the hard clipping heels with the gentle bounce of her huge soft breasts made his balls ache. The London escort wore nothing except for the spiked heels and a pair of silk French knickers. Quite simply, she looked amazing. She was the embodiment of feminine sexuality. Lisa reached the table and placed a hand on either side of him. Her beautiful face was just inches away from his own. 'Hello, lover,' she said in her sexy, sultry voice, 'Are you going to be comfortable?' She gave his straining erection a meaningful look. He smiled. 'I hope not.' She returned his smile. 'Let's make you uncomfortable then shall we?' The sexy European escort guided him into position, lying him face down on the massage table. His hard cock pressed between the massage table and his body. He turned his face to the side so that he could watch her slip off her vicious spiked heels. A groan escaped his throat. Lisa slipped her hands into the lethal shoes and walked them along the table in front of his face. He could smell the leather mixed with her female scent and his cock swelled in its uncomfortable position. 'Relax now, lover,' said the Paddington based escort. She moved down the table and pressed the sharp heels into the flesh of his back. He gasped and gripped the table legs. Lisa walked the shoes up the muscles, removing the knots with the pressure of the massage. Pain swept away the ache left behind by weeks of stress. He sighed. His balls swelled, warming with each spiked step along his back. The sexy escort leant across as she worked. Her large soft breasts brushed his back, contrasting with the sharp sensation of the spiked heels. It was a unique mix of hard and soft, power and tenderness. The opposite ends of the scale drove him towards his release. Her expert touch pressed the heels into his muscles, rolling away the tension. Those fabulous breasts followed each stabbing heel with the softest, gentlest kiss of flesh on flesh. He felt the bubble of stress that had grown over the weeks swell in his groin and then burst. Warm, wet cum spread between his body and the table. 'That's it, lover,' murmured Lisa as she continued her spiked heel massage, 'Just relax.'


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