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Date with a Busty Thai Escort Girl

Kanya wasn't very tall - but what she lacked in height she made up for in other ways. She was exceptionally beautiful: like all Thai girls, the young London escort had an exquisite body. She also had rather large breasts - perky 34D's that stayed beautifully upright. The 19-year-old escort girl was also incredibly flexible. The busty Thai could bend and stretch which made her very popular with her London escort agency's clients. Her current incall client, for example, had seen her at least half a dozen times at her Oxford Street apartment. His name was Stephen. He wasn't very tall himself. However he compensated for his short stature by being charming and energetic. He was adventurous too, and asked the young callgirl to do some pretty exciting things. Right now, Kanya was putting her gymnastic skills to the test. Stephen was standing on the parquet floor in front of her, naked and erect. Kanya couldn't see her incall client as she was bending over backwards for him. Literally. Her feet were planted firmly on the floor and she was bending right over so that her palms were flat on the wood behind her. Stephen wasn't a great believer in foreplay, but luckily the busty Thai escort could make her pussy wet almost at will so that wasn't a problem. She steadied herself as she felt him ease her legs apart a little further. A moment later the tip of his erection was pushed agaist the busty young escort's pussy. Stephen's hands grasped the back of her pelvis to steady his cock. He took it slowly - inch by inch. Before long he was in all the way. Taking a man in this position stimulated Kanya's pussy in a way that traditional positions couldn't. Stephen was building up a rhythm. He was doing something he knew the Thai escort liked - pulling his stiff cock out nearly all the way before sliding back inside again. He was gentle at first, but slowly began to pump faster and harder. Kanya found that if she absorbed Stephen's cock thrusts rather than trying to push against them the natural springiness of her flexible, sexy Thai body allowed her to keep reasonable balance. Her beautiful breasts hanging upside down and swaying from side to side were giving her some strange sensations of pleasure to go with the unique feelings in her pussy. Soon Stephen wanted a change. He remained standing, and the busty Thai girl flipped on to her feet, and then down on her knees. A moment later she was giving him slow OWO, tasting her own pussy juices on his engorged cock. She prided herself on her OWO, always being careful to give the deepest of deep throat services that she knew men loved. The young Thai callgirl took his cock all the way - she barely had to move her head at all - it was purely the power of her suck that did the job. Stephen groaned. She did it again, and reached up to work his balls. With her other hand she reached between her own legs. She slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. Within a minute Stephen was shouting and groaning with pleasure. His knees were obviously buckling. All of a sudden, his cock twitched in the busty Thai escort's mouth and he shouted out in ecstasy. Taking her cue, Kanya gave the hardest suck yet, combining it with a gentle squeeze of his balls with her other hand, just to encourage out every last drop of cum in the final CIM. And every last drop is exactly what the busty Thai  got. Stephen had obviously been saving it up for a good while - judging by the mouthful she got, thought Kanya. But then again, the Thai teen with her special OWO and CIM techniques always coaxed out a big load. After a sexy session of pleasuring her client, she finally did something for her own satisfaction, and swallowed the lot.


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