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Special Delivery of a Sexy Young Brunette Call Girl

One of the big advantages of having a well-paid job in the centre of London is that you can get some pretty impressive perks such as the occasional sexy young brunette escort! Although stockbrokers, bankers and financiers have to work very hard, their bosses usually go out of their way to make sure certain needs are met. After all, happy and satisfied employees are more productive than bored and frustrated ones! London bosses also know that everyone likes a nice surprise - which is why they often send young sexy young brunette callgirls to give jaded workers a bit of a treat. Tim Lewis had not hitherto enjoyed one of these surprise treats, even though he had been working with his merchant bank for nearly a year. His job didn't leave him much time for going out and meeting girls. Having not had sex for a year he felt like his balls  were going to explode! There had been several moments when his hopes had been raised only to be cruelly dashed. After he had been with the bank a couple of months a sexy young brunette had turned up at his desk and offered to upgrade the operating system on his laptop. For a moment, Tim was in heaven. He assumed that it was some sort of metaphor for a blowjob. He was immensely disappointed when the gorgeous girl proceeded to load software on to his computer before returning to the IT department. But every dog must have his day. Tim's came when he least expected it. Tim had returned to his Docklands flat at 9pm, following a particularly long day at the office. His boss had spoken with him earlier and noting he was tired, suggested that he take it easy over the weekend. Tim's boss kindly made arrangements for some pizza and beer to be delivered to his flat that every evening. Tim thought this was a kind gesture, but completely forgot about it as he took the brief Tube ride home. About an hour after Tim had got home he had just got out of the shower when the buzzer rang. He threw on a robe and went to answer the door. It was his beer and pizza. But he barely noticed the food and drink, because holding it was the delivery girl. The sexy young brunette was naked apart from a tiny thong. 'Hi,' she said. 'I'm Maya. Can I come in?' Without waiting for a reply she walked through the door. She busied herself right away, finding the fridge for the beer and working out where plates were for the pizza she planned to share with him. 'OK,' she said. 'Would you like to eat pizza first, or fuck me first?' Tim didn't quite know how to respond to this. Clearly Maya was not a pizza delivery girl at all, but rather a high class London escort girl. Even so, he was slightly lost for words. 'Er....I don't really mind..' 'I know,' she said, brightly, 'The pizza will keep and I'm feeling quite horny and ready to be fucked. Let's have sex first, then we can eat. Then have sex some more. You've got me until eleven in the morning!' Maya was clearly an expert escort girl, because she could sense that Tim hadn't had sex for a very long time. So rather than messing around with foreplay, she walked over to Tim's dining table and bent over it, pressing her big breasts and slim body against it. Bent over, she reached back and dropped her thong, easing her legs apart so Tim could see the wet entrance to her pussy. She wiggled her arse invitingly. Tim wasn't daft, and his cock was getting very hard. He slipped off his robe and positioned himself behind Maya, resting his hands on the sexy young brunette escort's rounded hips. She was about the right height for him, and as soon as he was behind her his stiff cock immediately nestled between her legs in the prime position for penetration. He could feel the alluring combination of soft wet flesh against the swelling tip of his shaft. Bracing himself, he eased in gently, taking his time to let Maya's pussy envelop him deeply and enjoying the sensation of being back inside a woman after so prolonged an absence. Within moments he was thrusting hard, encouraged by the sounds of moaning and the careful, grinding reactions of Maya's body. He didn't hold out long - but on the the other hand, she didn't expect him to. The horny young call girl knew she had to let her client blow off steam before he could really relax and enjoy the evening of fun she had planned. After a couple of minutes he shot a huge load of cum deep inside her and reluctantly withdrew from her wet snatch - the pressures of a whole year released.


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