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Spanish escort fucked on the front seat of my car

I had decided to take my Spanish escort on a date, I picked her up from her apartment and we drove off for a day of adventure and hot fun. We had been driving for a couple of hours when we decided to pull over and grab some lunch in the car. We sat and chatted for a while and made flirty conversation. I had known Ava for a few months, and she had quickly become my favourite person to be around. She was from Spain and I loved her sexy confident attitude along with her stunning natural beauty. She was extremely easy on the eye and her body rivalled that of a super model. I loved taking her out to show her off, I liked men staring at me in jealousy, wondering how a man like me got such a hot young girlfriend. It made me feel confident and she was always what I needed after a long week of working in the office. The best thing about Ava was that she was free spirited, she loved seeking out adventures and she always used every opportunity possible to get frisky with me. We had just finished our car picnic and she leaned over to give me a sweet kiss on the lips. Her hands cupped my face and her breathing changed, I could instantly tell that she was getting horny and her constant need for me aroused me more than anything ever had in my life. I got more involved in the kiss, teasing her tongue with my own as she gently nibbled my bottom lip. She was sexy as hell. I could feel my dick hardening in my trousers as the kiss became more intense. Her hand slowly crept down my body and she was soon tracing the out line of my dick with her fingers making me even harder and hornier for her. I grabbed her face between my hands and deepened the kiss, she moaned softly into my mouth and she pushed her body closer to mine, I knew she was getting wet. I slowly moved my hands down her face to her neck, brushing her natural brunette waves to the side to make way for my mouth. I started to trail sweet kisses down her throat, gentle and caressing, the way she liked them to be. She started to wiggle her hips more and my hand moved down to her shirt. Moving the fabric of her shirt I placed my hands down her bra, cupping her sweet breasts and teasing her hard nipples between my fingers. Her moans became louder and she quickly moved her body so that she was kneeling on the passenger seat next to me. Her hands reached the zip of my trousers and she made quick work of releasing my hard dick. She bent her body and placed my penis inside her mouth. I was in instant extasy as she slowly caressed my dick and balls with her tongue. She sucked on me harder and harder and the pleasure that coursed through my body was electric. I placed my hand between her legs and ran my fingers up her thighs until I found her sweet panties under the little skirt she was wearing. I trailed my fingers over her panties, they were damp, and I knew she wanted me, I pushed the fabric of her little knickers to the side and placed my finger on her wet clit. I started to rub it and she sucked harder on my dick as I teased and played were her pussy. She bucked her pussy towards my fingers, and I slid them down to place them inside her tight hole. I started to finger her hard, pushing her to the limits. Her moaning grew louder and louder, and she sucked and licked on my cock like her life depended on it. Suddenly she stopped, she came and sat on top of me a slipped her pussy down my hard cock. Her legs were either side of me and her perfect breasts bounced in my face as she rode me hard. I was so turned on that I wouldn’t have cared if anyone saw, I could only see the horny minx in front of me and I desperately wanted her to cum on my cock. I grabbed onto her tiny waste and thrust up inside harder, filling her tight hole with my massive erection. She kissed my lips, her tongue headed straight to the back of my throat and I could tell I was about to cum. “Cum inside me”, she whispered sexily. I didn’t need any more command than that, I let go a released my hot cum straight inside her beautiful hole. She loved it when I came inside her, and it always pushed her over the edge. I reached between her legs and flicked her little pink clit hard. That did it, she spiralled out of control, she orgasmed loudly, panting and covering my dick in her juices. When she was done, she collapsed resting her head on my chest. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly. “Wow, I needed that”, she said with a look of satisfaction and lust filling her beautiful eyes. She climbed down from me and grabbed hold of my hand and winked at me as we continued our drive, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were pulling over for another naughty activity.


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