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Spanish escort gets fucked in the cinema

I had decided I wanted to take my Spanish escort on a date, I had booked a meal for 8 that evening, but first I had decided to take her to the cinema to see a movie. I liked taking ladies out on dates, it felt good to be seen with a stunning lady on my arm and I liked to show my escorts off as much as possible. I had decided on a horror movie, hoping that she’d get scared and want to wrap up in my arms. I was not disappointed when she finally arrived. She turned up wearing a sexy black dress, it was amazingly short, and it really showed off her sun kissed, Spanish legs. Her perky breasts were peaking out of the top of the dress and I instantly wanted to smother them in my tongue. I was in heaven, she was stunning, just as I had imagined from her pictures, but she looked even better in real life, with her sexy jet-black hair dangling over one shoulder and her sexy red lips staring at me. As we went to find our seats, she let me put my arm around her as we walked and it felt amazing, I could tell that every guy in the room was jealous and I loved every second of it. We found our seats at the back with ease, the cinema was nearly empty, with a few people scattered here and there. When the film eventually began it didn’t take long for my lovely Spanish date to get scared, I placed my arm around her and subtly stroked the soft skin on her bare shoulders to make her feel better. As the movie continued to get more gruesome her grip on me got tighter, she dug her head to my chest, only peeping out through her slender fingers now and again. My arms were wrapped around her, protecting her. I gave her a little kiss on the fore head, and she looked up at me with big brown eyes and placed a soft kiss on my lips. She was an amazing kisser and I pressed my lips hard against hers. My hands travelled down to her sexy hips, I was waiting for her to push me away, but I could feel her heart beating fast and her breathing was heavy against my lips, I knew she wanted more. I placed my hand onto her thigh and slowly slid it up her dress, she wasn’t wearing any panties and I knew she wanted something naughty to happen. I started to tease her, moving my hand close to her pussy and then moving it away at the last second. She instantly got frustrated and grabbed my hand hard, forcing it onto her wet pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet she was, I sat there sliding my fingers in and out of her. I checked to make sure no one was watching, but no one was on our row and I knew we were safe to continue. I leaned over and slipped one of her breasts out of her skimpy dress and I started to suck and pull on her hard nipples, my fingers were still thrusting inside her viciously. Her nipples tasted amazing and I slid a third finger inside her pussy. Ramming her hard and fast, she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning as I moved my finger faster. I could tell she was about to orgasm so I stopped before she could and whipped my cock out. She instantly bent over me and shoved my thick cock to the back of her throat, she was sucking on me hard and stroking my full balls with her finger tips. Looking at every one in their seats, oblivious to the filth that was going on in the same room as them was turning me on even more and I felt some pre cum escape my dick into her sexy mouth. My sexy Spanish escort suddenly stood up in front of me and bent her arse out in front of me. I stood and pushed my bulging cock straight into her pussy from behind. I pushed my hand out and found her bouncing tits as I started to ram her sweet little pussy. I wanted her to squeal in pleasure, but I knew she couldn’t, and I used my other hand to gag her perfect mouth as I fucked her relentlessly over the back seat of cinema chair. It didn’t take long before she was shuddering in orgasm beneath me, I felt her pussy hole convulsing around my cock, and it set me off into an orgasm of my own. I forced my cock deep inside her tight hole and came so hard and fast that I thought my cock would explode. I came deep inside her pussy, releasing every last drop of my specimen into her as her pussy continued to pulsate around my cock. She finally sat back, sitting on my lap and resting her head on my chest. She was well and truly fucked and I loved every single second of it. I couldn’t help but wonder what naughty things we would get up to during our meal.


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