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Sexy Photo Shoot For Sophie

Sophie was successfully working two careers at once. During the day she was a model and worked for top fashion magazines and advertising agencies. She was often requested to fly across the globe for a sexy photo shoot. In the evenings she was an escort. Being a professional model and a very sexy woman, Sophie was able to earn premium fees from her gentleman clients. As a teenager, Sophie had never expected she would be a model or a top class escort. In fact, she'd had a rather low estimation of her own attractiveness. But the slightly awkward teenager had blossomed in her teens and by the age of eighteen she was a stunner. Long blonde hair, electric blue eyes and soft skin gave her the appearance of a fairytale princess. Being a model, she was certainly on the tall side. She measured at nearly six foot. Every now and then she got to combine the role of model and escort. She had one client in particular who liked to book an outcall and spend the first hour in his private photographic studio taking sexy photo shoot pictures followed by another hour fucking in his apartment upstairs. On this particular day, Sophie was on just such an assignment with John. She was standing in front on a white screen in his studio, stripped down to some very expensive lingerie and striking poses as her outcall client snapped away. Sophie loved being an escort because it took her into such a very wide variety of different situations. As the flash went, she pouted and pushed out her hips. She'd noticed, on this particular day, that John had also left a video camera running to record exactly what went on during the sexy photo shoot. John encouraged her to slip her bra off, which she duly did. The sexy young blonde escort's pert breasts swung free, to be enticingly half-covered by the long strands of her hair. Instinctively she put her hand between her legs to gently touch and rub the growing wet patch that was forming on the outside of her silk knickers. John quickly increased the rate at which he was taking photos - clearly this view was one he liked very much indeed. Eager to please her outcall client, Sophie slipped her hand inside the thin silk, moving her fingers over her pussy and clit. She began to masturbate slowly and sensually. This was the moment that John decided it was time to get involved. Positioning the video camera so that the young blonde London escort was clearly in the centre of the shot, he walked over to her. As the escort model continued to masturbate while standing up, her outcall client gently pulled her knickers down around her ankles. Without taking her hand from her pussy, she nimbly stepped out of them. A couple of seconds later John had his cock out, and he too was masturbating. The sight of the stiffened shaft made Sophie even wetter than she had been before. A thrill of pleasure surged through her and she began to dig deep into the wetness of her pussy. Although the sexy photo shoot model's clit was very sensitive, she much preferred the sensation of having her pussy filled. And nobody knew better how to administer such stimulation than Sophie herself. Both of them were still standing, pushing themselves closer and closer to the verge of orgasm. Sophie caught John's eye and realised that it was important from his point of view that they both come together. She began to moderate her masturbation, putting herself at his level and judging how far away he was from coming. Fortunately, being a respected callgirl from a major London escort agency, she knew exactly how to time the moment when a client was going to cum. Sensing that he was getting nearer she began to work her own fingers faster and harder in her pussy. Seeing this, John was clearly excited. The outcall client pumped his cock harder than before. From the end of his cock a long arc of hot cum shot out and curved through the air, landing with a spatter all over Sophie's pert tits. This was the final straw for Sophie herself - digging her fingers in for the finale, she felt her pussy juice wash over them as she orgasmed, the sensation only enhanced by the feeling of John's hot cum running down her breasts. And all of this had been captured on for the sexy photo shoot - Sophie wondered if John would bring the camera upstairs to capture them fucking on his bed.


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