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A Bisexual Escort in An Outcall Appointment

Sophie had worked as a bisexual escort for six months now, and she was well used to turning up to outcall assigments to work with couples. She also worked with other bisexual girls from her escort agency and put on lesbian shows for clients. Despite her experience, Sophie wasn't expecting the kind of client who'd booked her today. Initially it seemed like just another outcall assignment. The client's name was Lee. Sophie knocked on the hotel room door, and was surprised when she heard a female voice. "Come in!" Sophie pushed the door open - and there was her outcall client. Lee was a girl! She was tall and wearing a short skirt and tight top under which the flesh of her breasts was squeezed. She was also blushing fiercely - Sophie could tell she was nervous so she did the professional thing to get the outcall going. The bisexual escort walked over and pressed her lips to Lee's. Lee hungrily kissed back and Sophie felt nervous hands move over her hips. Lee broke off. "This is my first time with another girl," she said. "Can you show me what to do?" This was no problem for Sophie at all. She started kissing Lee again, and together they fell on to the bed. She eased the straps of Lee's top off her shoulders, and pulled the tiny top down. Underneath, Lee was wearing a white lacy bra. Her nipples were already erect and clearly visible through the thin fabric. Sophie kissed each one in turn before taking the bra off entirely. She licked and teased the left nipple with her tongue while working the palm of her hand up and down the side of the other. Lee was gasping already. Her breasts must have been extraordinarily sensitive, thought Sophie. It was a good job she wasn't an escort, otherwise every client would make her come in minutes! Sophie was determined to give Lee the full GFE. "Please..." moaned Lee. "Go down on me..." Sophie was only too happy to oblige. Swiftly and expertly, she pulled off Lee's skirt and thong and quickly had her head between the bisexual client's legs. She could see that Lee's pussy was already sopping wet. Ever so gently, Sophie ran her tongue gently up the inside of Lee's left thigh, and then her right. She gently licked either side of Lee's vulva. Then she did what every true escort girl does after a bit of teasing - she gave some very enthusiastic OWO! The bisexual escort was amazed to hear a cry of orgasm the instant her tongue made contact with Lee's pussy. Rather than stopping, Sophie began to work her tongue up and down the crack of Lee's pussy, concentrating rather more on the top, where Lee's swollen clitoris was peeping out. Lee continued her string of multiple orgasms, sometimes so loudly that Sophie began to wonder if the people in the next room would complain! After a little while, Lee lifted Sophie's head from between her legs, motioning her to stop. "Your turn," she said. They swapped places on the bed, and Sophie wriggled out of her clothes. Lee reached over to the bedside drawer, and pulled out a blindfold as well as some cord. The bisexual client blindfolded Sophie, then tied each of her wrists to the bed's headboard.  There was a moment's pause, and Sophie tried to make sense of the strange sounds she could hear in the room. Suddenly Lee was on top of her, kissing her lips, her neck and her breasts, and, for some reason, easing her legs apart. Sophie realised just before it happened - it was a strap-on! She felt the cold plastic penetrate her pussy. In her time as a bisexual escort, Sophie had come across some big cocks and a few sexy toys. But she'd never had another girl penetrate her with a strap-on. And this strap-on was huge! Sophie could feel its girth stretching her pussy to the limits, and the length just kept on coming. She gasped. Lee began to fuck the sexy bisexual escort gently. Sophie felt soft lips, then the brush of teeth on each of her nipples in turn. She thought she would be able to hold off coming for a while, but Lee increased the speed of her pumping. She slid both hands under Sophie's bottom, and began to pound deep inside her. The strap-on was long, and Sophie now felt the final two inches stretch her more than she'd ever been stretched before. Sophie wanted to reach down and rub her clit, but her hands were tied. Instead she tensed and writhed until she couldn't hold it in any longer and she came, shouting. Lee pulled the blindfold off her, and as Sophie adjusted to the light she saw Lee withdraw the huge black dildo from her pussy. In all her months as an escort, she'd never come so hard, even when receiving oral. This was an outcall she wasn't going to forget in a hurry.


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