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Snap Happy With a Hot Young Call Girl

The thing Jake really liked about being a glamour photographer was obviously the girls! He did a lot of work for erotic magazines and websites, but the jobs he enjoyed most were when he was assigned to take photos of a sexy young escort for London escort agency websites. The great thing about London escort girls was that they were totally uninhibited. Of course, that shouldn't really be a surprise. After all, shy girls don't often make the grade as sexy outcall or incall escorts. It's fine to pretend to be shy - a lot of men find that sexy in a girl. But when it comes to the crunch, a true escort has to have no shame. As an example of this, Jake considered the young escort who was sat under his photography lights. Her name was Helen, and to look at her innocent smile you would think she had just stepped out of a convent. But Jake knew that she was from a London escort agency that had a reputation for hiring only the very horniest escorts. Under her sensible sweater and jeans, Jake knew that there was a wild girl just waiting to be unleashed! "How would you like me?" asked the sexy teenage girl. She was nineteen years old and Jake had a very good idea of how he'd like her! "Have you bought some nice underwear?" he asked. "I'm wearing it." The escort grinned naughtily. "Would you like to see?" Jake nodded. His mouth was going slightly dry. He'd seen dozens if not hundreds of London escort girls in all states of undress. But this escort was the sexiest he'd ever seen - and to look at her you would think she was just the girl next door. She slipped out of her jeans. Her jumper was still hanging around her thighs so he couldnt see much else. The escort girl had a cute face, medium-length chestnut hair and blue eyes. It was when she pulled her jumped over her head that he nearly dropped his camera. The sexy young teenage escort was slim and toned, with super soft and lightly-tanned skin. Her boobs were a 32C and were supported by a black bra trimmed with pink lace. Jake's eye traced down over the London call girl's smooth tummy. The bra was all she was wearing underneath - her pussy was completely naked! Jake had thoughtfully provided a sofa for the sexy young escort to relax on while he took her photos, and she sank back down on to it. She idly began to play with her pussy, gently probing it with the tip of her finger. "Is there anything you'd like me to do?" ", that's fine..." came Jake's somewhat nervous reply. Jake knew that he couldn't give Helen's escort agency images of her probing her own pussy, but he wasn't going to put a stop to the glorious sight in front of him. She continued what she was doing, dipping first one, then two fingers deeper inside her glorious snatch. All the while, she smiled in her sexy girl-next-door way. "Do you like watching?" asked the young escort eventually. '"I do." "That's good," she said, "because I like being watched." She spread her legs as far as they would possibly go, and pushed her fingers deep into her pussy. Jake could see just how wet the horny girlfriend escort was - the juices from her snatch were flowing. Skilfully, she used the forefinger of her other hand to pinpoint her clitoris. Judging by the gasping noises she began to make, she had found it! The young call girl was an expert at giving herself pleasure. Jake's cock was rock hard. He began to take photos. As the flashes went off he knew that he wouldn't be able to use the images of the masturbating escort for anything except perhaps his own pleasure. But much to his delight, Helen beckoned him over. "I need a cock," she whispered. Within seconds Jake had his long shaft out of his shorts. Helen was clearly a very athletic escort girl as she lay back on the sofa at a shallow angle. Sticking her legs far in the air, she reached up and grabbed her own ankles to bring them back towards her. Her upwards-facing pussy was fully exposed and just the right position for Jake to penetrate. He braced his hands on the underside of the young escort's thighs, and slowly lowered himself. His cock slid into the escort's dripping snatch with ease, and he sank into her right up to the hilt. She groaned as he began to pump hard. He was so aroused by her earlier display that he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for very long. He had to bring her to orgasm before he came himself! That clearly wasn't going to take very long. As he pumped the sexy teenage escort, feeling her warm soft flesh wrapped around his cock, she began to work her fingers around her own breasts, and then down, into the space between their bodies, to stimulate her swollen clitoris once more. In the end they came together - the young escort gasped and groaned while Jake pumped a full load of cum deep inside her. Gently, he withdrew from the call girl's dripping snatch and went to get his camera. It was time to get on with the real business in hand!


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