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Sexy Russian Blonde Wants a Promotion

Before becoming a Russian blonde escort, Lena had been a high-flying executive for a global electronics company. Of course, it hadn’t always been that way. The Russian blonde had to work to get where she was. She’d started out as a junior employee but quickly risen up the ranks to the role of supervisor, partly due to her willingness to do whatever it takes. Yet Lena wasn’t content with being a supervisor. She wanted the role of manager. The pay rise, the greater responsibilities and the increased respect that came from the role were all incredibly important to her. When a role as manager finally came up, the sexy businesswoman instantly applied. The problem was that there were several other applicants just as qualified as she was. When it came to the day of the interview she knew that she had to look her best to stand out. The Russian blonde put on her shortest skirt and tightest blouse. She tied her long blonde hair up, so as not to detract from her huge, silky white breasts. The sexy businesswoman look was complete with a pair of heels that emphasized her long, slim legs. Her entrance into the interview room was spectacular. The Eastern European businesswoman was to be interviewed by the two men, both key decision makers in the business. To them, Lena seemingly entered the room in slow motion, her body a picture of confidence, her long legs striding towards the table and huge tits bouncing beneath her surface of her blouse. “So, what sets you apart from all the other applicants for this role, Lena?” asked one of the interviewers, his eyes clearly not on her face. “I’m going to cut to the chase”, replied the Russian blonde. “There’s nothing I want more in the world than this job. I’ll suck both of your cocks right here, right now if you say it’s mine.” The two men’s jaws dropped. One of them managed to compose himself and responded, “Suck our dicks and you’ll certainly be our leading candidate”, he stated. Lena needed little encouragement. Around she walked to the table, while signaling for them to stand up. With each hand the Russian blonde unzipped their flies, and pulled out their fully erect and veiny cocks. She began to wank them, all the while looking up at the two men’s surprised yet equally delighted faces. Slowly, and ever so deliberately, Lena stuck out her tongue and ran it along the shaft of each cock. The Eastern European businesswoman loved teasing before giving full oral. Then, without warning she shoved one of the hard dicks into her warm mouth and began to suck. At the same time, she rhythmically jerked the other penis before swapping. It was clear to both men that this sexy businesswoman was an absolute professional. Her lips and tongue worked in unison, covering the meaty members with her saliva. Somehow, her hands were also able to play with their balls, massaging the huge testicles that were just waiting to release their gift upon her. Suddenly, Lena began to increase the speed with which she sucked on each penis. She began to gag, trails of saliva and pre-cum trickling from the corners of her mouth. Unable to contain himself any longer, one of the men pulled out his dick from her mouth and covered the Russian blonde’s face with his hot cum. On seeing this, the other businessman, ordered her to unbutton her blouse. Lena did as she was told - she hadn’t been given the managerial role yet! The second man blew his load, and it splattered on the blonde businesswoman’s gigantic tits, covering her nipples before running down her body. Both man collapsed into their chairs, breathless. Lena knew she’d done well, and smiled.


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