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Two Bisexual Blondes for a Sexy Night

Shaun Thompson was a top IT man for a big London firm. Quite simply, everyone depended on him. He worked hard an didn't get out as much as he'd like. Luckily, it was Shaun's birthday and as a treat, he'd decided to hire himself a blonde escort girl for an outcall service. But as he was making the booking, a thought suddenly occurred to him. Why have one beautiful young escort girl when he could have two bisexual blondes? The agency he usually used arranged duo outcalls, so he ordered a couple of girls and provided the address of his Chelsea apartment. The doorbell rang at 8pm. Shaun didn't know exactly which bisexual blondes he was getting - he'd requested the escort agency surprise him on his birthday. Thankfully, the outcall client was pleased with what he saw in front of him. The duo escorts were young, slim and busty. Both were a little shorter than Shaun and had beautiful honey-blonde hair. They were so similar that they could have been sisters! Shaun invited the two bisexual blondes into his living room where the girls simultaneously slipped out of their coats, which dropped to the floor. Each escort was wearing a tiny silver bikini. The girls introduced themselves as Jade and Jen. Jade walked over to Shaun's iPod docking station and before long raunchy hip-hop began to thud out. The outcall client sat down in an armchair opposite the girls. Each blonde escort began to gyrate their hips to the music. This was turning out to be quite the outcall date, thought Shaun. All of a sudden, Jade and Jen had their hands on each other. In time with the music, Jen's hand reached inside her own G-string, and she began to masturbate quite rhythmically to the music. Meanwhile, Jade proved that she really was bisexual by bending down and licking Jen's sexy young breasts. Shaun's hands were straying towards the growing bulge in his trousers. The lesbian show in front of him was progressing nicely - each girl had now taken off their biking tops, unleashing their perfect breasts. Next off were the g-strings - both bisexual blondes were now completely naked. They stood in the middle of the floor, still swinging their hips in time to the music. They looked into each other's eyes and began to play with each other's pussy. Shaun was beginning to wonder if they'd forgotten him. But, being highly professional London escorts, they hadn't. Each girl had worked her forefinger quite deep into the other's pussy. They both withdrew, and put their fingers to their lips to taste each other's juices. Then they spun on their heels to face Shaun and marched towards him in time to the music. Jade and Jen now stood over their outcall client - Jade on the left, Jen on the right. The bisexual blondes bent over and Shaun felt two pairs of creamy breasts push into his face. He couldn't see anything, but felt hands working down his chest and stomach. His trousers were unzipped, and he felt his cock being unloaded from his boxers. These escorts were professionals after all, thought Shaun. They clearly had plans of providing OWO. The lights came back on for Shaun as the bisexual blondes removed their boobs from his face and bent their heads over his crotch. Their sexy bottoms stuck up in the air as they did so and Shaun reached out and put a hand on each escort's tight little arse. Jen used her fingertips to play with Shaun's balls and the base of his cock while she kissed his shaft. Jade went straight in for the kill. Taking his upper shaft between her fingertips, she fed his cock into her mouth and took it deep down. Shaun squeezed the escorts' arses in his hands as he felt his cock brush against the back of Jade's throat. He'd had call girls for outcalls before - but he'd never had an experience like this. Jade's sucking became firmer and more urgent. He felt Jen's finger - still wet with Jade's lovejuice - slowly penetrate his anus. She wriggled it in a little way and began to stimulate his prostate. This was as much as he Shaun take. Groaning through clenched teeth he shot the biggest load he'd ever produced into Jade's mouth. Being a top professional, she took the CIM with aplomb, but she didn't swallow straight away. She put her hand under Jen's chin and lifted her head. Then she kissed Jen full on the lips, passing Shaun's cum into the other escort's mouth. When she had the full load, Jen obediently swallowed. Shaun was rock hard again in an instant. A good thing too, as Jen was beginning to straddle him...


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