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Public Sex with a View with a Hot Escort Girl

Tim was a rich man, and right now he was a happy man too. He was in Venice, it was springtime and he was in the company of a beautiful girl. At 19, Julie was quite short with blonde hair and a very special pair of breasts. She was also a call girl who loved public sex, and this was the longest and most exciting outcall appointment she'd ever been on. They'd seen the sights: St Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace. They'd drunk Bellinis in Harry's Bar and had dinner at Cipriani's. And they'd had public sex everywhere: down alleyways, in a quiet corridor at the Accademia art gallery, and even doggy style at night in a gondola. Tim hadn't booked a hotel room - he'd hired a whole palazzo. They had sex on the stairs and on the grand piano in the drawing room. But nearly all the action had gone on upstairs, in the luxurious double bedchamber. It was the last night of their stay, and as Tim lay on the bed in his silk pyjama bottoms, he wondered what his sexy young escort girlfriend had in store for him. He was soon to find out. Julie drifted into the moonlit room. She was wearing a silk nightie. Tim had had several incall encounters with the busty young call girl in her Queensway London flat. She was bisexual, and sometimes they'd had threesomes with another bisexual girl from Julie's escort agency. Those incalls were always special - but not as special as tonight's public sex was going to be! Julie said nothing, but beckoned him to follow her as she walked straight past the bed. She flung open the double doors and walked out on to the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. It was a warm night. As she reached the parapet, she simply looked around at Tim, and winked. She bent over the edge, and stayed there. This was unusual. Normally there was all sorts of foreplay, but not tonight - no OWO, no kissing - nothing. Tim eased off his pyjama trousers so that he was naked, and approached the escort's sexy young arse, his erection growing with every step. When he reached her, he put his hands on her hips, feeling the curves of her body underneath her silk nightie. He reached his hands over the parapet and felt her big young breasts swinging beneath her. But like many escorts, Julie was impatient for public sex. She wiggled her ass, encouraging her outcall client to lift up her nightie. Tim put his cock in position. He could feel the wetness dripping out of the escort's pussy - she must have been really looking forward to this. Tim thrust inside the young call girls pussy. The call girl's gasp of pleasure wasn't particularly loud, but it seemed to echo across the still water below and bounce back from the buildings opposite. The rich outcall client pulled out and thrust in again and again. Each time the busty teenage girl gave a gasp or a sharp yelp - and every time it got a little louder. Tim realised that Julie was trying to attract attention with the public sex. She wanted voyeurs to watch them. Looking up, he thought he saw a curtain twitch opposite. Julie noticed it too, and pulled her nightie over her head. In her pleasure she dropped it, and it drifted down to the canal below. They were both naked now. Slightly put off his stroke by the thought that he was being watched, Tim mistimed, and his cock fell out. He was repositioning it when Julie's hand reached around. Gently taking his shaft, she moved it away from her pussy lips and upwards so that the tip of it rested against her anus. Now, Tim had done as much with Julie as he'd done with most escorts, but he'd never got around to doing anal. Knowing that she would be more sensitive there, Tim pushed very gently so that the tip of his cock pushed in. She was super tight. The juices from the elite call girl's pussy were lubricating his cock nicely, so he took a chance and pushed in harder, penetrating her anus with his shaft. She shouted with pleasure, and the noise seemed deafening. Clearly there public sex was now being watched. Anxious to make her come before the carabinieri arrived, Tim reached around and worked his hand into the space between the stone of the parapet and Julie's milky white thigh. Stretching as hard as he could, the tips of his fingers found her clit. He began to work it in time with his thrusts into her arse - two rubs of the clit for every anal thrust. He kept up the rhythm, increasing the tempo gradually, playing the escort like a musical instrument. Julie's cries were getting louder. He began to thrust hard and fast, trying to forget that he was in her ultra-sensitive arse. But it was too much for him - the tightness of the young escort's anus gripped him, and she squeezed her muscles as he came, as if she was trying to drain every last drop out of him. She shouted as she came, and squeezed his cock so hard that a final squirt of cum was squeezed out. Taking her hand, he pulled her inside, heading back towards the bed and its silk sheets. It wasn't the end of the night's action by any means - but he intended the rest of it to take place in private! Angels of London - For the hottest escort companions in London


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