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Sex On The Beach With an Kinky East European Call Girl

Craig knew that it was a cliché, but he couldn't resist. He'd been in Mauritius only a couple of days when the temptation consumed him. He was sharing his holiday with a beautiful young East European escort named Natasha. She was loving every second of it. After all, as well as being whisked off to a  tropical island for a week, she'd had some fantastic sex with a hot guy. They'd done in in their hotel room, on the balcony and now they were going to do it on the beach! It was around eleven at night and the young escort was being led by the hand down the path to the luxury hotel's private beach. Although it was late evening, the heat of the day lingered, and she wore only a tiny blue bikini to cover her slim frame and 34C bust. The thin fabric of the bikini top was barely enough to restrain the beautiful escort's breasts. They swung gently as she walked, and the movement of her nipples against the cloth began to make her incredibly horny. When they reached the edge of the sea, Craig turned around and kissed the East European escort full on the lips. He knew she loved to give a great GFE, and he intended to get the best of her professional skills out of her tonight. The young wrapped her hand around his stiffening cock and squeezed gently, using her palm to bring it to a full erection. Maintaining a tight hold, the sexy young escort began to give him a series of gentle tugs - he was rock hard. Natasha's experience of her client - she'd seen him a few times for both incalls and outcalls in central London - was that he was a breast man. Usually he took the time to trace his fingers around the outlines of each sexy breast and nipple, bringing them to hardness, making her excited in preparation for great escort sex. But not tonight - tonight he went straight for the pussy. She felt his muscular fingers working the thin material of her bikini over her labia. The young East European escort was wet already, and it didn't take him long to find her pussy. He pushed his finger in and she felt his finger squeeze in as far as it could and begin to roll around. He angled it up, closer to her sexy Eastern European body, so the movement included her clitoris too. The young call girl began to gasp with pleasure. Natasha undid her bikini top so her breasts could swing free. Then, gently taking her client's wrist so as to ease his finger from her pussy, she knelt down in front of him - she was the professional escort, after all! Though receiving pleasure was nice, providing it was her vocation. She pulled down Craig's shorts and his cock sprang to attention. She took the cock gently and angled it down until it was in line with her full lips, and just an inch away. Slowly, she parted her lips and took the ends of his cock in her mouth. At first the East European escort took gentle, quick sucks of the first inch or two. But as Craig's pleasure grew and his cock became even harder in her mouth, she took it down deeper and deeper. Natasha placed her hands on his naked buttocks and took some more deep, experimental pulls on his cock. Craig was clearly enjoying the escort's expertise. She withdrew for a second, keeping his cock just an inch from her lips. 'Please will you come in my mouth, darling?' 'No, I want to be in your pussy,' he replied. 'Are you sure? I really want to drink a load of your cum down.' 'Sorry, sweetheart - pussy it is.' With a sigh the disappointed East European escort let herself fall back on to the sand, and spread her legs. Craig knelt down between her slim, toned thighs and placed the tip of his cock between her labia. Moving himself forward, he thrust in so that his manhood penetrated her all the way. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy, feeling the tip of his cock twitch and stiffen as she did so. He began to push into her deeper, pulling out nearly all the way before repenetrating the sexy young call girls with long, hard thrusts. Feeling the hardness moving inside her, she began to cry out. Already the waves were lapping at their feet. After a few more thrusts one gush of incoming water slid right up between their entwined thighs. They both came, hard. They lay there for a while in the foaming surf then got up. It was time to get back to their room, shower the sand off, and have some more fun! Angels of London - For the hottest escorts in London


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