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Sex on a Nudist Beach with a Top London Callgirl

One of the best things about hiring a top London callgirl was the option of taking her abroad on holiday. As a wealthy man, Arthur regularly took his young escort companions to the South of France as well as the coast of Spain. One of his favourite activities was visiting a secluded nudist beach for some sex on the sand! Such destinations were only a short 2-3 hour flight from his London home and it gave him the chance to get to know each escort girl very well indeed. This time Arthur had chosen Isabel, a Russian teen with long brown hair, a slim and sexy body and a delicious pair of 34C tits. He had taken the sexy young brunette to an isolated nudist beach on the Costa Brava and there they were, soaking up the sun and already feeling more than a little horny! Now, it was normally Arthur who instigated the fun and games with his top London callgirls. But as he quickly found out, Isabel was more than a little promiscuous herself! The wealthy outcall client had not long been out of the water when he felt a warmth surround his cock. Opening his eyes in surprise, he found the sexy Russian teen with his cock in her mouth! As you’d expect on a nudist beach, the pretty brunette’s perfect breasts dangled free while her perfectly-proportioned ass swayed in the air, almost shining in the sun. Arthur loved that the top London callgirl had decided to provide OWO without even asking. That had showed some real initiative that simply had to be rewarded. But first, the wealthy client wanted to enjoy the oral attention provided. The Russian teen was an expert, despite her young years. Her full lips caressed every millimeter of flesh on his dick while her hand cradled his balls. All the while, her soft tongue teased the head and ran down the shaft. The sexy brunette escort was exceptionally skilled. In fact, Arthur wanted to know what her other talents included. For this reason, he beckoned the young London callgirl to get up and position herself above his straining dick. Her tight young pussy hovered above his erection for a few seconds, as if teasing it. All of a sudden, Isabel’s glistening cunt descended and engulfed Arthur’s veiny dick. The warmth it provided was almost enough to make the outcall client cum immediately. Yet he refrained and watched in fascination as the young Russian teen built up a steady rhythm. Isabel’s teen tits bounced up and down as she fucked him. Moaning loudly, she was clearly turned on by sex on the nudist beach. Arthur smiled at the sight above him and at the thought that anybody could be watching. As it was, it appeared that the nudist beach was indeed just for the two of them. But that little bit of doubt was enough to send him over the edge. Keen to fill the gorgeous brunette’s fine pussy with his seed, he came hard. Positively yelling as his spunk fired free, he grabbed the young London callgirl’s beautiful breasts and squeezed as he did so. Isabel moaned in appreciation. Sex on the nudist beach with her had been quite the treat and would simply have to be repeated!


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