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Sex in the Rain with an Escort Duo

Ana and Gabriela were on a train heading out of London with their outcall client, Stephen. Not much was known about the young man, other than that he was very fond of booking a escort duo every few weeks. The two busty Brazilian escorts had no idea that they would be having sex in the rain in a matter of hours. Stephen had been very specific in his request. He’d wanted two Brazilian call girls to accompany him to his country house, just an hour out of London. The journey was fun – the Brazilian duo had a lot of experience in making their outcall clients feel at ease. On arriving at the small village, they all walked the short distance to Stephen’s second home. It was a small, quaint cottage at the very edge of the village. The highlight was the private garden which looked out to an endless patchwork quilt of fields. There were no roads, no cars and no people to be seen. Stephen let the Brazilian call girls get settled before the real fun began. As he showed them to the room they would all be sharing that night, he admired how sexy this Brazilian duo was. Ana was blonde, and slightly shorter than the brunette Gabriella who had lovely long legs. Both had great, feminine figures, big tits and huge, Brazilian asses. He had specifically asked that they both wear tight jeans and tight tops without bras. Needless to say, Stephen couldn’t wait to get started. The outcall client led them out to the garden for sex in the rain. The sky above them had turned dark with clouds. Stephen instructed the escort duo to take off their jeans and panties. The busty Brazilian escorts smiled, pleased that they were finally having some sexy fun together. As they pulled off their underwear, Stephen could see that they both had lovely shaved pussies. He told them to lie back on the grass, legs spread open. Being the obedient busty Brazilian escorts they were, they did as they were told. The Brazilian call girls held hands and giggled as the rain began to fall, dropping onto their pussies and trickling down. Still wearing their tight-fitting bra-less tops, he could see the outline of their huge tits forming as the rain helped the cotton stick to the skin. Stephen was ready to have sex in the rain. Taking off his trousers and t-shirt, he walked over to the girls and held his dick in his hand, rhythmically jerking it, as he looked as the sight of the Brazilian duo with their legs spread wide for him. He decided he’d fuck Ana first, since she had already started to finger herself in excitement. Stephen didn’t do things in half measures. He rammed his cock inside of her already soaking wet cunt. Ana tilted her head back and moaned in pleasure. Furiously, Stephen fucked her while Gabriella began to rub her clitoris and squeezed her own nipples. Ana’s huge Brazilian breasts bounced inside her soaking wet t-shirt as Stephen continued to pound her, their wet bodies slapping together. Stephen felt close to climaxing from the thrill of sex in the rain, so pulled out and turned to Gabriella who had positioned herself on all fours. Her ass glistened as rain droplets ran down it, making it look even more inviting. Grabbing her full rear, he pushed his dick home, deep inside the Brazilian’s shaved pussy. He slammed her hard, his balls slapping against her, while the brunette’s ass bounced with every movement. Ana had continued to lie on her back and was furiously fingering herself, close to orgasm. Stephen couldn’t contain himself any longer. The outcall client pulled out of Gabriella’s tight pussy and ordered the escort duo to both lie back with legs wide open. At the sight of the two Brazilian call girls’ wet pussies he came hard, a huge ream of cum shooting out of his dick, splashing onto the two pussy’s that lay before him. Yet the Brazilian duo stayed there, knowing he wasn’t finished. Still rubbing his penis, he shot out a stream of golden urine which washed off the cum that was trickling down the girls. The warm liquid covered the legs of the busty Brazilian escorts, their snatches and of course, those huge breasts. The rain quickly washed off the urine, and what remained of Stephen’s sperm. Sex in the rain had been very fun indeed and they still had the whole weekend to look forward to!


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