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Exciting Sex in Public - Part 1

Emma was quite new to the business of being a London escort girl and she was very much enjoying her career so far. She was with one of the very best escort agencies in central London, and her work took her all over the city and occasionally abroad! She was also developing a growing interest in her bisexual side. But never had she had sex in public before! It was Monday morning and Emma the escort was checking her email. As the computer fired up, she looked at her own face in the reflective glass of the monitor. She had short blonde hair and a sexy face with high cheekbones and the sort of perfect skin you'd expect from a 20-year-old professional London escort. She had full lips which had been described as 'blow-job lips'. This made her giggle, as she'd never thought of it that way. Though it was true that she loved the feel and taste of a cock in her mouth. As her email program fired up she leaned back slightly in her chair. She was naked underneath her silk dressing gown. The light robe fell open as the sexy and horny escort girl angled herself backwards. She began to admire the reflection of her sexy young breasts. They weren't huge - a pert 34c - but they were certainly perfectly formed. There was an email from her high class London escort agency in her inbox. The sexy incall escort clicked to read: Hi Emma, hope you're well. I've just tried ringing you on your mobile. I have a really important job for you today. Theres a gentleman who wants a girl who will do anything anywhere - sex in public and all that. Are you up for it? You need to meet him at Green Park Tube at midday. He's seen your photos so he knows what you look like. Make sure you're standing near the automatic ticket machine nearest the entrance on the park side. With that, the sexy young escort's escort agency boss signed off. Sex in public sounded intriguing to the sexy bisexual. She guessed that the escort agency had recommended her for this job because they wanted to test if she truly had what it takes. Maybe if she did well on this, she'd be able to do some bisexual duo work with some of the other sexy blonde, brunette and redhead callgirls she'd seen on the site! Emma had to stop her hand drifting towards her pussy once more. Although the horny young call girl really wanted to play with her pussy while she thought of those sexy escort girls, she really had to get a move on. She had less than two hours to get herself ready and get herself to Green Park by midday. She would have to save every last drop of horniness for her client. She wondered what kind of sex in public this client was going to want. But she didn't have time to think too hard. The cute young escort got dressed and hurried to her local underground station. She didn't want to be late for the appointment and she was feeling especially horny! Emma may have been in a hurry for some sex in public, but the sexy young escort always loved travelling on the tube - especially in hot weather. The bisexual young escort was always especially thrilled to see sexy girls wearing very tight tops. She was travelling in a very crowded carriage. As soon as she got on, the sexy young escort saw a cute Asian girl wearing clothes very similar to her own - shorts and a tight top. She made a point of standing right next to this sexy Oriental girl as the tube train sped underneath London. Every time the train took a bend she enjoyed the sensation of the oriental girl's breasts being pushed into her own. Sadly, Emma the sexy young escort didn't get a chance to get the phone number of the cute Asian, as she got off the train at the next stop. When Emma's train arrived at Green Park Station she got off and skipped up the steps. She didn't like escalators: the horny young escort always took the stairs for the exercise to her legs and ass. She was only just on time. Her sex in public client didn't make himself immediately apparent. The horny London call girl found herself scanning the crowd, trying to work out who he was. Was it the sexy guy in the Italian suit? Or the guy in shades and shorts? Emma usually found that the people who booked her for incalls or outcalls through her London escort agency came in all shapes and sizes. In the end, she didn't spot him - she felt a hand begin to caress her tight sexy arse. The young call girl span around. 'Hi Emma - I'm Pete.' He was taller than her, with blonde hair and a deep tan. The horny young escort was thrilled that her outcall date was going to be with such a sexy guy. 'You look cute,' Pete went on, 'and I hear you're up for some adventure?' Emma nodded - she could feel her pussy getting wet at the prospect of sex in public. 'OK - you'll need this.' He gave her another Tube ticket. 'We're going for a ride. Follow me.' The sexy young blonde London escort hurried after her sexy outcall client as he strode through the turnstiles and down the escalator towards the platforms. Moments later they were on a train, heading south on the Piccadilly line. The carriage was packed with both Londoners and tourists. The horny young escort and her client found themselves at the far end of a carriage. Pete was standing against the wall, and Emma leaned back on him. She could feel his hard cock through the shorts he was wearing. He put his arms around her slim waist as the train started to move, then whispered in her ear: 'Okay, it's time for adventure number one. Excuse me if I'm quick, but we've only got two stops.' The sexy and horny young escort began to wonder what he was talking about - and then found out. She felt him use one hand to undo his shorts, then ease up the back of her skirt. A moment later, the tip of his long, hard cock was between her legs, searching for her wet young pussy. When Pete found it, he thrust hard and penetrated her deeply  on the first push. Emma the horny escort had to resist the temptation to gasp out loud - the nearest of their fellow travellers was only six inches away. She felt Pete thrust firmly - hard enough to pleasure both of them, but not so hard that it would attract attention. The horny and adventurous young call girl found herself immensely excited by having sex in public. The train stopped twice - at Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. Each time, Pete stopped thrusting, but kept his cock buried deep inside the young escort while passengers got on an off the train. Emma found herself willing the train to start moving again so she could once more feel his long shaft thrusting inside her. Just before the sexy exhibitionist escort and her outcall client arrived at Knightsbridge station, Emma felt Pete exhale hard on the back of her neck and come inside her. She looked around at him, imploringly asking him to make her cum. But he simply smiled and shook his head before whispering 'later.' Before she knew it he had taken her hand in his and they were walking down the platform of South Kensington Station. The horny London call girl and her client ran up the stairs hand in hand, through the turnstiles and out into the hot sunlight. A few minutes later, they were walking through the imposing main entrance of the Natural History Museum. Pete seemed to know the museum well, and took several sharp turns left and right until they were in a long, quiet gallery - all alone. The sexy blonde escort wondered what on earth he had in mind next. The young blonde escort and her sexy client wandered from hall to hall. Pete was a palaeontologist, and knew about many of the exhibits. Emma, like all of the best London escorts, was a very educated girl so she found Pete's explanations interesting and enjoyable. Yet she still had an incredibly strong urge to have sex in public soon, otherwise she would surely explode! After an hour of walking around they were both beginning to get a little tired, so Pete suggested they visit the Museum cafe. Pete selected a corner table, and they sat down, their bare legs touching. After a few moments, Pete leaned over to whisper in her ear. 'Adventure number two. Do you do CIM?' 'Of course!' came Emma's reply. 'Great. I'll have some right now, please!' Emma looked at him, then looked around. The cafe was fairly quiet, with just a few people at the opposite end. Pete had obviously chosen this location carefully for the sexy young escort to give him a blowjob. She loved giving head, but sex in public was quite intimidating! She moved her chair back quietly and was quickly under the table. There was no tablecloth to disguise what the horny young escort was doing - but she had her back to everyone else in the cafe and there was a cutlery trolley immediately behind her. So nobody would see anything - unless a waitress came over to get something from the trolley! The sexy outcall girl put such thoughts out of her mind and concentrated on the task in hand. Quickly, she had Pete's cock out of his shorts once more. It was rock hard. As she slipped it into her mouth she imagined her own pussy juices coating it. That turned her on even more. The horny young escort girl began to take long, deep pulls on the throbbing cock. Pete could barely contain himself as he felt the young escort's cherry lips enfold his shaft. As she sucked his cock, the horny young escort became aware of her client gently easing his seat back. As he moved back, she had to learn further and further forward to keep his shaft in her mouth. The result was that her cute arse was more and more exposed as the sexy young escort's skirt rode up her thighs. She reached her hand underneath his balls to caress them. The blonde escort may have been a daredevil, but she was starting to get a little anxious. What if a waitress came over and found them? She hoped by gently stimulating his sack with her fingers she would make him come quicker. The tactic worked. Seconds later, he came in her mouth. Despite herself, the cute and sexy young escort couldn't help but enjoy the cum as she swallowed it. As she swallowed, she could hear the sound of approaching footsteps. The sexy blonde outcall escort could barely get up quick enough. She regained her seat just as the waitress walked to the trolley behind their table. She smiled, nervously. 'I dropped my knife,' she said. The waitress eye the call girl curiously, nodded, and walked away again. Pete was trying hard not to laugh. 'What knife?' he asked. 'You've only got a glass of lemonade!' Emma blushed and felt silly - she'd just learned one of the key lessons for any sexy young escort working in central London: never make excuses for yourself. She now knew that the very best escorts were super-confident and self-assured at all times - even when enjoying sex in public. She decided to put her new-found knowledge into action, and stood up. 'Let's go,' she said. 'Already? But I've only just started my drink..' 'Now,' she said. I want more sex, and you're going to give me an orgasm. And that's an order.' Pete smiled. 'Yes miss - whatever you say!' he said, and got up to follow her. A short trip on the Tube later - with no penetration this time, as they newly-dominant Emma wouldn't allow it - they were walking over Westminster Bridge. The sexy young call girl let her outcall client hold her hand, but that was all. When they got to the Lambeth side of the bridge, the horny young escort turned to Pete and smiled. 'It's not often I come south of the river,' she said, adding, in a whisper, 'so you're going to make me come really hard.' The horny call girl took a left, trotting off down the steps. He followed her. They reached what she had decided was going to be the site of their third sex in public adventure of the day: The London Eye! As expected, the queue for the London Eye was lengthy, but Emma the horny young outcall escort knew the wait for sex in public would be worth it. The horny young escort began to get butterflies in her stomach - but these were outweighed by the erotic anticipation welling up from her pussy. The blonde London call girl wanted Pete's long, thick shaft inside her again, and this time she wanted her outcall client to make her come. As they queued for the giant wheel, the horny and sexy outcall escort made sure that she was standing close to Pete, slightly infront of him. That meant that she could put her hand behind and rub it against the bulge in his shorts. It was important to the sexy blonde that her client was as horny as possible before they were aboard. The escort girl didn't want to mess about with lots of foreplay to get him excited, she wanted him to penetrate her increasingly wet pussy hard and fast. Thankfully, from what she'd seen and experienced of his performance so far, the sexy escort knew that making him hard for sex in public wasn't a great challenge. She worried that the swift change she'd made from submissive teen hooker to sexy dominatrix might make his ardour wane - but far from it. Using her fingers, she found the end of his cock through the fabric of his shorts and rubbed his foreskin around his glans with her fingertips - it moved so easily. Emma guessed that it was awash with pre-cum already. At last the horny escort and her client reached the head of the queue and got into their capsule. As they rose upwards, Emma was dying to get her hands - and her pussy - around that lovely thick long cock. But they had to wait until they were a little way off the ground at least. She'd watched the London Eye in motion, and knew that she would only have a few minutes at the top to pleasure her client which was always the first priority before her own orgasm. When the dominant London escort judged that they were at sufficiently high altitude, she acted right away. She made Pete lie on the floor of the capsule before unzipping his short and pulling his cock out. It was rock hard. She toyed with it in her hands for a moment. Although she badly wanted that lovely thick cock inside her, all her escort's instincts were telling her to take it in her mouth first. She loved the taste of cock. She wasn't submissive anymore, and she sucked hard. Judging by the gasps he was making, the well-hung outcall client was certainly enjoying the blowjob. What the dominant escort decided next was that she needed that long hard shaft buried deep inside her. Leaving Pete lying on the floor of the capsule, she straddled him, hitched up her skirts, and manoevred the saliva-coated head of his cock so that it nestled snugly against her outer pussy lips. She sank down on her client's cock and was immediately taken aback by his sheer size. When her client had fucked her on the Tube he hadn't been able to penetrate very deeply because of the standing position. Now he was able to pack every last inch of his dick inside the dripping pussy of the outcall call girl. As she felt Pete's hard dick burrowing inside her, Emma the horny blonde escort nearly came from her first real sex in public. The only thing that stopped her was Pete's abrupt reassertion of his dominance. When she wasn't expecting it, he grabbed her hips and lifted her off his cock. Springing to his feet, he lifted her up with him, and turned around to face the perspex of the canopy. He dragged her top off her head, and tore off her bra so that her sexy teenage tits could bounce free. He then pushed her so that her waist was against one of the inner rails and her breasts were pushed up against the perspex. The next thing she knew he was inside her sex again, the long shaft of his cock driving deep into her pussy. The horny young escort girl looked down as she felt the rock hard cock inside her. On the ground below, people were looking up at the topless girl having sex in public in the capsule. There was going to be trouble when they got down. But the horny London call girl didn't care. She smiled as she felt Pete shoot another load of cum inside her as her own orgasm overcame her.


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