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Lucy the Horny Sexy Virgin

As everyone knows, training for priesthood is a calling rather than a career move - it's not typically a high-paying job. For Lucy the sexy virgin, this problem was compounded by the fact that she was a woman, and still very much subject to the prejudices of the Church of England. Nevertheless, she had worked hard at university and now, aged 22, was busily training to be a vicar in London. She very much enjoyed training for the ministry, but she had three problems. First, she was very poor. Second, she was constantly getting attention from men - despite being very virtuous and holy, Lucy was exceptionally attractive. She had short blonde hair, a slim and sexy figure, green eyes and a cheeky grin. Her third problem was that she was always horny. Still a sexy virgin, she'd spent the previous few years thinking almost constantly about sex. The problem was, most of the guys she was studying with weren't remotely attractive, and she didn't have the cash to go out and meet people. So what was a girl to do? Fortunately, Lucy was resourceful and daring - so she decided to sign up with a London escort agency and become a high class callgirl. She'd met the agency boss, who had found her stunningly attractive, and now she found herself lying on her bed in her flat, starting off her first incall appointment. Her client was a very nice guy called Mark. He was a friend of the agency boss and had heard that the new girl was training for holy orders. He'd agreed to pay a premium to take her virginity, and requested that when he turned up for his incall appointment she wear a clergyman's cassock and nothing underneath. Mark climbed onto the bed and began to kiss the sexy virgin. She was nervous and her heart was beating quickly. Yet the novice callgirl was determined to lose her virginity and make some money into the bargain. She kissed back, enjoying the sensation of Mark's tongue probing her mouth. After a few moments he moved his hands down and placed them on her bare calves, slowing moving them under her cassock, feeling the smoothness of her legs. The incall client hitched up the thick cloth of the robe so that it was around her waist. Her sexy virgin pussy was now fully exposed. He moved his hands further up, cupping her breasts and finding her nipples erect on top of her soft, smooth breasts. He took a moment to gently probe with a finger between the horny young escort girl's legs - he couldn't wait any longer. Mark got up and stripped off. For the first time, Lucy laid eyes on hard cock. She liked what she saw, and instinctively reached out to wrap her hand around it. She squeezed and gently pulled, bringing Mark's cock to an even harder erection. All she knew was that she wanted it inside her. Mark suggested she might find it most comfortable if he lay flat on the bed and she slide on to him, cowgirl style. Nervous but excited, she agreed, and so they swapped positions. As she straddled him a couple of drops of her juice dripped on to his cock - she had never been this wet in her life before. When she was in place, she looked at him expectantly, silently asking that he teach her what to do next. Mark smiled, and motioned her to lift herself up a little bit. He carefully lined up the tip of his eight-inch shaft with Lucy's sexy virgin pussy. Holding it in place he smiled at her, and invited her to sink down on shaft. Nervously, her heart thumping, Lucy lowered herself little by little onto the straining erection. At first, there was no resistance as Mark's cock effortlessly penetrated the outer lips of her pussy. Then she felt it nudge against her hymen. It was now or never, and she had heard it was best to be decisive. She thrust down on him hard, feeling a brief burn of pain as her hymen broke forever. The next think the horny young trainee vicar knew, her incall client was buried deep inside her. The sexy virgin loved the sensation, and instinctively knew what to do, riding the horny guy gently but firmly, enjoying the feel of his cock probing deep inside her. After a few moments she began to get a little warm, so she pulled her cassock clean over her head. Mark admired the young escort's smooth, naked body. He put one hand on her hip and with the other drove a couple of fingers between her legs, at the point where their bodies met, searching for her clitoris. He soon found it, and the effects were spectacular. Lucy groaned, flushed and began to come. She kept coming for several minutes, moaning and thrashing about - and it wasn't long before Mark followed her example and spurted his cum deep inside her. The (soon to be) Rev. Lucy had loved her first experience of sex. And - God willing - she was looking forward to having a lot more!


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