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Santa Claus and His Naughty Call Girl Elf

It was Christmas Eve and London was experiencing a rare white Christmas. Snow had settled and productivity had ground to a halt. Mario was at his Belgravia home with his naughty escort elf. Her sexy outfit had surpassed his already high expectations. It wasn’t his first booking with the London escort agency and it certainly wouldn’t be his last! Mario himself was dressed up in the famous red and white suit. Yes, he was Santa Claus and his naughty escort elf was dressed in a short green dress with a red belt, a green hat with red trim and striped red and white socks that reached all the way to her upper thighs. In short, the outcall escort was quite probably the sexiest elf of all time. Roleplay was something that many London escorts offered but nobody did it better than her. Since her arrival she had been every bit the dutiful elf. Yet she knew that she had to find a way to fulfil her duties as a naughty escort elf. As such, the outcall escort asked Santa Claus whether she herself would receive a present for  Christmas. The naughty escort elf made her case. She’d been a very good elf that year and she promised that she’d be even better next year. Mario knew that she was looking for a reason to get up to no good. It was a good thing then that he had a present prepared for her. Santa Claus chuckled and stepped out of the living room as his elf rubbed her hands with excitement. He came back with a wrapped present which he held mysteriously close to his body, specifically his crotch. Intruiged, the naughty escort elf giggled and kissed him on the cheek before inspecting it closer. The gift was immaculately wrapped and had a lid. She lifted the lid and positively squealed with excitement. The naughty escort elf loved big presents and she’d got one. Inside the box was Mario’s naked cock. He’d cut out a hole in the box for easy insertion despite its ample size, it had remained well concealed. The box was quickly cast aside and the outcall escort girl grabbed the dick with both hands. It rapidly stiffened under her touch. This was a most excellent present and she knew exactly what to do with it! Santa had worked hard all year and needed his reward and the naughty escort elf was the one to provide it. She opened her mouth a little and placed her lips on the tip. They were soft and warm and she received a groan of appreciation in response. Her tongue ran over the tip and then down the shaft, moistening the now fully erect cock. An expert in OWO, the outcall escort’s other hand cradled his balls as she slowly wrapped her mouth around her Christmas cock and slid it towards the back of her throat. Her zero gag reflex was quite the treat for Santa whose beard twitched with excitement. Faster and faster the naughty escort sucked. Saliva trickled from the corners of her mouth as she lubed the dick up further. The big cock may have been an excellent Christmas present but it was what it contained that the naughty escort elf really wanted. Santa Claus groaned and she knew her treat was near. Closing her eyes, she titled her head back and began to jerk Mario’s cock back and forth. She needed CIM and he was going to give it to her. A roar of pleasure escaped Santa’s mouth and the outcall escort felt the warm splash hit the back of her throat and fill her small, warm mouth. She swallowed with pleasure. She may have been a good elf that year but she really was a very naughty escort elf when she wanted to be!


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