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Sabrina the filthy witch escort

Sabrina was the type of escort that loved to do things differently. She was more of a fetish escort really, specialising in those things that most hobbyists didn’t tell anyone about. It gave her an enormous feeling of privilege to be one of those escorts that knew things about men that they wouldn’t tell anyone else. Simple things like being able to spank and man on his bare behind with a cane and get paid for it, were the type of things that kept Sabrina very happy indeed. Sometimes she wouldn’t have to do very much at all with her clients. She was often just required to berate them and make them feel small and insignificant. It wasn’t that she didn’t have respect for them of course, she most certainly did. These were the type of men that had incredibly powerful positions. There were usually vastly wealthy and could have anything they wanted. But they needed a particular type of escort service in order to get what they really needed. They needed to feel like they were not in control for at least a few hours. It was something that Sabrina could very much relate to. To her, life was a balance. If you could command everything your way and have anything you wanted, you would eventually desire that to be taken away, just so you could feel “normal” or somewhat lesser once again. It was a service she could relate to, because she also offered regular escorting services. And when she offered these services, obviously her role was very different indeed. It was sometimes hard to switch into the other role, but she realised that it was very important to do this, otherwise she too would end up in that position of power and would be missing the Yin to her Yang, so to speak. Life is a balance, and no-one understood this more than Sabrina. It was also a lot of fun of course, and it was at times like Halloween when she really had the most fun of all. It was costume shopping time for her, and unlike most people, she always had a dozen or so variations to choose. Sabrina was an escort that loved to shop (not unlike most of them), but she loved to shop in the less than ordinary places. Mostly online of course. She would buy ball gags, leather whips and masks, PVC outfits and things like that. But she would also go to places like B and Q to by lengths of chain, padlocks and those kinds of things. She used to get a lot of strange looks in the hardware stores! The witch was her favourite type of outfit though. She was always a sexy witch, even though she would be quite wicked when she was in costume! She couldn’t fail to be sexy really. She had a stunning look. Long black hair, a body that most women would claw each other’s eyes out to get, and piercing black eyes. Yes, really black! She made the perfect witch. Short skirts, hold up stockings, thigh high leather boots etc. were all in her wardrobe. She often advised her clients to make their escort bookings extra long, just so they would be given the chance to browse what she had, and she could try on a few outfits for them. It was another type of unique escort service she offered, and it was surprisingly just how popular the dressing up part of her date would be. It wasn’t unusual for her to take a client along shopping with her sometimes. This was especially good for those clients who liked to be taken advantage of and/or humiliated in one way or another. She knew the people at her local fetish wear shop anyway, and they knew what was going on. They were extremely liberated people (obviously when they ran a store like that!) and they delighted in watching Sabrina work. She would sometimes take her clients into the fitting rooms with her and give them a little dressing up show, or make them dress up in something skimpy, extremely feminine and quite humiliating, and then have them parade around the shop in it to show the owners. You have to understand here that this is what they wanted to happen of course, it wasn’t as though Sabrina was doing anything against their will; well, it was borderline sometimes! It was this type of service, this level of commitment to her career that made Sabrina the filthy witch arguably the best in London at what she did. We have no idea if she’s even still operating in London or whether she has moved on or retired, but we would be very keen to find out. And we’re sure a number of her old regulars would be too!


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