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Russian Escort fun at the bowling alley

I had a regular Russian escort that I liked to visit in London, she was stunning and adorable in every single way. Not only was she sexy as hell but she was fun too and I loved spending my free evenings with her. She really knew how to take the edge off a stressful week at work and being Russian she was always ready for some kinky fun too. It was a Saturday night and I decided to take her for a game of bowling. She was just 20 and she loved it when I took her out to do fun activities. When I picked her up that evening she looked stunning, she had on tight skinny jeans that really emphasised her curves and made her arse look delicious, she had paired it with a cute t-shirt and I loved how she wasn’t afraid to put on a pair of trainers and chill with me. Her name was Emma and I think if my job had allowed it, I would have spent every minute of every day with her. We got to the bowling centre and we spent a bit of time chatting and getting drinks before we hit the pins. As beautiful as she was Emma wasn’t the best bowler, I got up behind her and pressed my huge dick against her sexy arse as I tried to show her how to hold the ball properly. Really, I just liked the fact it allowed me to be close to her, I wrapped my arms around her and slid my fingers into the bowling ball. I slowly moved my arms in the direction of the pins, guiding her how to throw, she hit it and knocked down some pins. Her excitement was contageous, and she screamed in delight. “I tell you what, if you win, you get do anything you want to me and if I win, I will do anything I want to you,” she said seductively whilst biting her lip. I agreed, excited at our little bet. I lined the ball up and threw it down the isle knocking over the pins leaving just one standing. I grabbed the second ball and flung it down the lane, just skimming the pin and landing in the gutter. Emma took her place on the line and flung her leg behind her body as she threw her ball. It knocked down every pin and I started to get the feeling that I had been haggled. She smiled at me sexily, “well I guess I get to pick what we do next”, she giggled sweetly. She walked over to me and quickly grabbed my hand. She started to pull me towards a door that was down the far side of all the lanes. “They forgot to lock that door over there and I fully intend on us making the best of this situation”, she grinned at me wickedly. She was wild and reckless and I loved her for it, before long we were behind all the lanes surrounded by mechanics. “I want you to take me in here”, she said before placing her soft tongue down my throat. I grabbed her waist and slowly pushed my hands up her slender body under her t-shirt until I reached her perky breasts. I undid her bra with my right hand, as my other hand stayed on her face bringing her lips closer to mine. She put her arms in the air and I pulled her top off allowing her bra to drop to the floor before us. She stood there with her beautiful natural breasts out, I bent my head down and sucked one of her pink nipples into my mouth. It tasted delicious, her nipples were hard and wanting and I loved them. I slipped my hand down the front of her jeans finding my way to her neatly trimmed pussy.  I rubbed her clit slowly and she started to moan in pleasure as my fingers teased her. I made fast work of unbuttoning her jeans, I pulled them from her body and threw them to one side. She walked over to a little step and sat down with her legs wide open for me. I placed my face in between her sexy legs and started to lick her sweet pussy, she was so wet her pussy juices smothered my lips and I loved having my face submerged inside her. Taking inspiration from my surroundings I grabbed a bowling pin and placed it on her clit. I started to rub her clit with it whilst I stuck my tongue inside her pussy hole. She was moaning like crazy; she loved the invasion of the foreign object and she went into overdrive when I slid it inside her slightly. I started to fuck her with the tip of the pin, whilst I sucked on her horny clit. She clamped her mouth shut as she came all over the bowling pin, her body convulsed into a sweet orgasm and my dick was rock-solid watching her face full of ecstasy. I pulled the pin out of her tight pussy and stuck the tip of it to my tongue, licking her sweet cum from it. I was extremely hard; I pulled my dick from my trousers bent her over and placed it in her pussy. It slid in with ease and I started to fuck her hard from behind. Her arse was soft and juicy, and I squeezed it tight as I drilled into her like a starved animal. I fucked her until I came inside her delicious pussy and the feeling was exquisite. My beautiful escort had fulfilled my desires once again and that’s why Emma would always be my favourite horny escort.


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