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Russian escort fucked my husband while i watched

My husband and I were both very kinky when it came to bedroom play and we weren’t afraid to try new things. It was his Birthday due and I wanted to do something extra special for him so I found myself hiring him a sexy Russian escort so I could watch him fuck her. She was sensational, with long dark hair, beautifully smooth skin and big brown eyes. He would fancy her and the thought of him being with her was starting to turn me on. I called my husband and told him to be home early as I had a surprise for him, he did as he was told and about 7pm he walked through the door. I rushed to him and kissed him deep on the mouth. “I want to blindfold you and take you upstairs as I have a surprise for you”, I whispered seductively into his ear. I started to strip him off, removing his coat, shirt and trousers and then I covered his eyes and led him to the bedroom. I could tell he was excited for what ever was about to happen. We walked through the bed room door and the beautiful escort was sat on our bed wearing sexy silk panties and nothing else. I told him to remove his blindfold, he was a little taken aback and I could tell he definitely did not expect this. “Here is your Birthday present, I want to watch you fuck her and fill her pussy with cum”, I growled at him. He approached the escort slowly, her arms were open waiting for him, and they soon started kissing whilst I watched, I really wanted to join in, but this was his Birthday present and I wanted him to savour every second. She started to sexily slip her little panties down until she stood there naked in front of him, then she pulled down his boxer shorts and held his massive dick in her hands. Watching her hold my husband’s huge cock was making me wet with desire. She knelt on the floor and took his massive cock in her mouth, I knew my husband was massively turned on and as he fucked her mouth her big juicy breasts were bouncing up and down, making me want to suck them. This was one of the most erotic moments of my life and my pussy was tingling with desire. The beautiful Russian escort knew what she was doing, and my husband was moaning with pleasure as she wrapped her sexy tongue around his cock and stroked his balls. He pulled her to stand and walked her over to the bed. He laid her down to get a full view of her sexy swollen cunt, which was dripping wet. Using his fingers, he started playing with her pussy lips, I could see her clawing the bed as he pushed two fingers inside her little hole. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and put them to his mouth tasting her sweet juices, he smiled and extended his finger in my direction. I sexily walked over to the bed to taste the sexy escorts pussy juices from my husbands’ fingers. He lowered his tongue to her clit and started sucking hard on her cunt lips. I could see the escort shivering and she started screaming in pleasure for him to not stop. Grabbing the back of his head she pushed his face further into her, allowing his tongue to explore the insides of her wet pussy. I couldn’t resist reaching out and feeling her hard nipples between my fingers. They were perky and pink, and I wanted to put them in my mouth. I resisted as my husband stood, “it’s time for me to fuck you”, he said as he spread her legs wide open to get her into position. She smiled as he opened her up. He used his fingers to part her soft pink lips and he forced his massive cock straight into her sexy tight pussy. She moaned out loud as he filled her with his length. “Oh, you are huge, fuck me hard”, she moaned. I moved over slightly to give them room and I focussed on pleasuring myself. I slipped my finger inside my pussy; my panties were drenched with my juices and the smell of sweet sex filled the room. My husband roughly turned her over, so she was on all fours and he fucked her from behind as he used one hand to rub on her clit. It was too much for her and she started screaming and shaking and her pussy gushed white juices all over my husbands’ cock. He slammed into her hard and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was drowning her with his own spunk. He let out a loud grunt and I knew he was close. As much as this sexy escort was fucking my man, I had to taste his cum and the mixture of her pussy juices that would ooze out of him in just a moment. I sat up on the bed as his arse stiffened and I knew he was shooting his load into the escort’s cunt. When he pulled his dick out my mouth was wide open to clean up the whiteness that covered my husbands’ cock. He shoved it deep inside my mouth and I cleaned up every drop. Round two was due and this time I was definitely getting my fill!


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