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Russian Call Girl Angelica Gets a Pearl Thong

The Russian escort could feel her pulse racing and hear the blood rushing in her ears. Her inner thighs were slick with her own cum. She was so turned on that it hurt. Standing with her back to the bed, her magnificent breasts rising and falling with each breath, the escort in London watched him come towards her. With a gasp, Angelica found herself in his arms, insistent kisses on her face. She opened her lips and slipped her agile tongue into his mouth. Groaning with the depth of her need, she pressed her curvaceous body against him and luxuriated in the touch of his hands. He slid her zip down her back and peeled her dress away from her sexy body. 'You are incredible,' he said, holding his Russian escort at arm's length and examining her in lustful wonder. His eyes travelled over her large breasts that threatened to spill out of her black strapless bra, down her flat stomach, over the swell of her hips to her naked, shaved pussy. He smiled to see that she hadn't been wearing panties whilst they had been at the formal dinner. Reaching a hand down, he skimmed his fingers over the sheer black hold-ups causing the Gloucester Road escort's eyelashes to flutter in ecstasy. She lifted one heeled foot and wrapped her leg around him, pulling him back against her body with an insistent jerk. He smiled and stroked the sexy Russian escort's beautiful face, his hands slid over her shiny dark hair and pulled her head back by her long ponytail. 'Let's fuck,' he said. Angelica sighed with relief. 'Yes,' she said, 'Let's fuck.' He released her bra strap allowing her heavy breasts to bounce to their natural position. His hands grabbed the firm flesh, marvelling at their weight. 'Turn around,' he said. The sexy young escort did as instructed. 'Get on your hands and knees.' Again she obeyed, the mattress bouncing beneath her as the beautiful Russian escort took her position. He cleared his throat: 'Open your legs.' Angelica was rewarded with an audible gasp from her date when she did as she was told. His large hands grasped her slim hips and his cock pressed against her soaking wet pussy. With a smooth thrust he was inside her. He grabbed her ponytail, riding her with powerful, deep thrusts. With each swing of their hips, Angelica's breasts slapped back and forth. He pushed the Russian escort's head down, forcing her ass high in the air. She gasped and shivered as orgasms fluttered through her penetrated body. The beautiful escort loved to be fucked from behind. 'Time to decorate that gorgeous ass,' he said. Pulling out of her trembling pussy, he slapped his hard dick against her ass cheeks and splattered spunk over her ass crack and lower back. Angelica cried out with delight. She did so love a pearl thong.


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