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Russian Escort Girl Gives OWO at the Cinema

There was a reason why they had chosen the very back of the cinema theatre. There was also a reason why they had chosen a film that had already been out for several weeks. Duncan and his Russian callgirl were feeling particularly naughty on this particular date. It wasn’t the first time he’d booked the sexy outcall escort and it certainly wouldn’t be the last! The large cinema screen before them flickered into life and the lights dimmed as the film got underway. There were only a handful of people in the theatre and thankfully all were a safe distance away from the outcall client and his sexy Russian callgirl. She leaned in and whispered exactly what she was going to do for him. She was just so naughty, so intoxicating. Duncan knew that he’d never have been this adventurous with his ex. He felt the outcall escort’s hands fumbled in the darkness. As she began to unzip his jeans, she leaned in and kissed him on his neck. Next, her tongue ran lightly around his ear. This soft sensation combined with her warm breath was rapidly hardening his dick. Of course, that was exactly what the Russian callgirl wanted. One of the naughtiest of Baker Street escorts, she loved getting up to no good in public places – it was such a rush. The soft, small hands of the sexy Russian callgirl closed around the erect shaft. Still watching the cinema screen, the outcall escort began to jerk Duncan’s cock back and forth. He already knew from past experience that she was an absolute expert. One hand reached down and cupped his balls while the other continued to massage the ever-growing member. She referred to her technique as ‘milking’. Baker Street escorts can certainly give a great handjob but a date with such an outcall escort girl should never be without some OWO. Making sure that nobody was the wiser, the Russian callgirl ducked her head down and shoved Duncan’s dick into her mouth. One of her hands continued to massage his bulging balls, encouraging them to release the cum that she craved. Duncan groaned loudly, the noise thankfully muffled by the roar of a car in the film. Keen to encourage himself, the outcall client let his hand wander as he slipped it under the outcall escort’s top. Knowing how much he loved her tits, she rolled her top up and pulled her bra down, freeing them completely. While the cinema theatre was dark, anyone who looked back would almost certainly see one of the naughtiest Baker Street escorts sucking on a big cock with her tits bouncing around. The sense of risk only spurred them on. Duncan loved his outcall escort’s tits. They weren’t huge, but they were a respectable C-cup and they were perfectly shaped. He squeezed the soft globes in his hands and pinched at the nipples which were hard with excitement. He had got so carried away by the OWO and the Russian callgirl’s breasts that he hadn’t noticed that she herself was moaning. The naughty Baker Street escort had slipped a hand between her legs and begun to rub her clit. The sights and sensations combined with the sense of risk. It all became too much for Duncan who could hold back no longer. His meaty package exploded, ‘milk’ gushing into the sexy Russian callgirl’s mouth. She hungrily gulped it down, squeezing his balls in order to get every last drop. Never before had a trip to the cinema been so exciting!


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