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Horny Russian Escort Fucks Her Neighbour

Natalia watched as her neighbor did his best to recover the information that had seemingly been lost from her laptop. The Russian callgirl was intelligent but she certainly wasn’t tech savvy. Luckily she had Jeff next door who was always able to help. Jeff was a good, honest man who never asked for anything in return. He’d helped set up Natalia’s new surround sound system for her TV, fixed a bug on her mobile phone and now this. Being a promiscuous busty brunette, Natalia decided she simply must repay him. Logic said to offer him money but the Russian callgirl didn’t want to offend him. After all, he was just being neighborly. But like any red-blooded male, Natalia knew he’d be interested in what she had to offer. A widowed man, he probably didn’t get much in the way of sex, never mind sex with a beautiful Russian callgirl. The busty brunette sat down beside him on the sofa and brushed her hand over his thigh and thanked him for helping her once again. He blushed but continued to investigate the issue at hand – such a gentleman! Natalia made an excuse that she was feeling warm and took off her jumper. She noticed Jeff glance over. There was no way that he was going to ignore this – after all, it was actually a cold November day. As such, the Russian callgirl’s nipples could be seen through the white strappy top that she was wearing. No bra was underneath and the outline of the DD’s was very much visible to those who took the time to look. There was no doubt that Jeff was distracted. He was clearly trying to concentrate on the laptop’s problem but the glorious tits of Natalia were demanding his attention. However he successfully continued with the task that the Russian callgirl had provided him. Surprised, the busty brunette fanned her face before going for it and lifting off her tight white strappy top. Out fell the perfect 36DD tits. Sensing that she now had Jeff’s attention, Natalia tugged at her skinny jeans and removed them completely. Wearing only a small red thong she bent over and looked back at her neighbor. Unsurprisingly he was staring straight at her. An erection could be made out, pressing against the inside of his trousers. So he was interested! Smiling, the Russian callgirl wiggled her ass a little, spreading her ass cheeks to give him a good view. Next, Natalia pulled the thong to one side and revealed her glistening wet pussy. The busty brunette heard Jeff get up from his seated position on the sofa and make his way toward her. He wasn’t as reserved as she expected as he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard dick. Without so much as a second of hesitation, the friendly neighbor stuck his rock hard cock straight inside the Russian callgirl and began to pound her doggystyle. Taken by surprise, Natalia moaned in pleasure. She hadn’t realized that the mild mannered Jeff was such a sex fiend! His hands came to rest on her buttocks as he used them for support to pummel her harder. He squeezed them which only turned on the Russian callgirl even more. The busty brunette loved the feeling of being done doggystyle, her tits swinging freely and slapping of his balls against her pussy. All of a sudden, Natalia turned around and pushed Jeff back onto the sofa. Then she climbed on top of him and dropped her dripping pussy back down on his erect shaft. The Russian callgirl shoved her big breasts in his face as she bounced up and down, desperately trying to milk her neighbor’s big cock. And so she did. The busty escort with brunette hair watched with interest as he grimaced, desperately trying to fight the pressure that was building in his balls. With a groan, the floodgates opened and the Russian callgirl felt a rush of hot cum shoot up inside her sopping wet cunt. Now they were even and Natalia had no doubt that Jeff would continue to be a good neighbor and help her whenever she needed! Angels of London - For the hottest escorts to book in London


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