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A Horny Young Call Girl Gets Very Wet

Jo was a horny young escort, and today she was enjoying the great outdoors. Her client, George, was a city financier. He'd decided to spend their date - or the first part of it, at least - on a boating lake. It was quite a large lake, in a London park. George was manning the oars as Jo lay back, enjoying the sunshine. As was appropriate for the warm May weather, the horny young escort was wearing little more than a short, white tennis skirt and a tight pink top. Her long and tanned teenage legs were stretched out all the way in the boat, and one of her arms was dangling over the side, her hand trailing in the water. The horny young escort wanted George to notice that she'd shaved her pussy perfectly smooth for their date, and that her tan really covered her whole body! The erotic escort had spent several afternoons lying on the private balcony of her incall flat in central London exposing her completely naked body to the sun to achieve that effect. The tanning had worked out rather nicely, and the cute and sexy teenage outcall escort was now sporting a perfectly smooth, light brown pussy. She edged further back in the boat, stretching and spreading her long brown legs a little. She slipped off one of her flip flops and pushed her toes slowly up the inside of George's thigh, and underneath the hem of his shorts. 'Right,' said George, 'It looks like we're in the middle of the lake. Time for some fun!' There were a few other boats around, but not many. George shipped the oars, then leaned forward. He ran his hands up the silky flesh of the horny London call girl's thighs. Grasping her firm and tight arse, he pulled her down into the bottom of the boat and climbed on top of her. They began to kiss hard, touching each other all over. Jo the teenage outcall escort felt George's rough hands delve inside her top, releasing the soft flesh of her breasts from the lacy white bra she was wearing beneath. The horny young escort fumbled with her outcall client's shorts, tearing them off his thighs so that his long hard cock sprang out. The boat was beginning to rock slightly, its motion driven by the erotic encounter between escort and client. By now the horny young escort was naked. Moving his hand between her legs, George began to worm his fingers into her pussy, pressing the palm of his hands against the hot, smooth mound above. But the sexy young escort's pussy wasn't going to have to work too hard today - when George had phoned the escort agency the teenage call girl worked for he had made a point of asking for a sexy teenage girl who enjoyed anal. Putting his hands around her waist, George turned the horny young escort over - nearly capsizing the boat as he did so. Jo was now lying flat on her stomach, her breasts pressed against the warm wood of the bottom of the boat. Behind her - keeping low so as to stay out of sight - George applied a dab of lubricant to the end of his cock. He then used his fingers to spreak the anal escort's arse cheeks wide. Finding the tight pucker of her anus, he put his lubricated cock in position and pushed in. Jo the sexy outcall escort gasped. Although she had never been able to come from being anally penetrated, it still gave her an immense amount of pleasure - she just loved the feeling of a long cock in her arse. Usually the only extra thing she needed to hit a really intense orgasm was a finger on her clit. She worked her hand under her pelvis and found her clit with her fingertip. George was pumping hard now - every stroke pushing deeper into her tight arse, driving her cute round cheeks apart. He had grasped her waist to give power to his thrusts, and the motion was making the small rowing boat rock and slap against the surface of the water. Before very long, Jo the horny young escort came hard, the action of her finger on her clit bringing her to an immense orgasm. This turned on George even more, and with a final three mighty thrusts he spurted hot cum deep inside her arse. But as he did so he realized he had thrust too hard into her tight anus - the boat flipped over and the naked escort and her still-hard client were dumped in the water. This was going to take some explaining!


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