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Rooftop Tryst for Anal Call Girl Lena

The cool breeze caressed the smooth skin of the blonde anal escort. She leant against the low brick wall with her elbows on the top. Her date stood in front of her, his eyes peeling away her short pink dress. His lustful thoughts were clear in his expression. Lena smiled since she was just as horny as he was. 'This is new,' she said, 'You haven't brought me to a rooftop before.' 'I thought it would add a little something to our date...,' he said, '....a bit of an edge.' 'You're so bad,' she said. He gave a self-satisfied shrug and stepped up close to the anal escort escort. His large hands gripped her small waist and he pulled her body tight against him. Lena felt her pert breasts press into his masculine chest and her pussy contracted with need. Pushing her blonde hair away from her face, he kissed her hungrily and she responded with passion. Strong hands grasped her round buttocks, pressing her hard against his erection. The escort in Paddington moaned into their kiss. His hands pushed her short dress clear of her ass and spun her around so that she faced the rough wall. Gently he caressed her ass cheeks with a reverence that reflected his appreciation of her sensual beauty. Lena waited, her breathing slow and heavy. 'Come here,' he growled and pulled her ass against his swollen erection. With a groan he skimmed a hand up one supple thigh whilst his other hand turned her face to the side so that he could kiss her. The sexy anal escort responded with ardour, her arm wrapped around the back of his head. They pressed their hungry mouths together. She felt his hands tear her flimsy pink panties and heard his zip being opened. 'Oh yes...,' she moaned. His hard cock pressed against the anal escort's asshole. He rubbed it along her slit, lubing it with her own juices. Lena pressed back against him, desperate for him to penetrate her tight ass. He kissed the side of her neck and pulled the top of her dress down so that he could hold her tits whilst he fucked her ass. With a powerful thrust he slid the tip into her slender body. They both groaned. The beautiful, blonde escort pressed her hands against the wall, welcoming his dick deeper inside her. He nibbled on her ear lobe and lifted her off the ground with the strength of each thrust. Masculine hands massaged her firm breasts as he ass fucked her, driving into her welcoming body again and again. Lena's erotic body quivered and trembled. Her pussy muscles bore down in the first wave of her orgasm. Screaming her ecstatic release to the open sky, she shuddered in his grip over and over as he continued to pound her tight ass. Angels of London - For the hottest escorts in London


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