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Shopping in London With a Horny Young Call Girl

If there's one thing that every horny London escort loves, it's shopping. There are very few sexy blonde or brunette escorts in London who can't be easily talked into a shopping trip. All escorts will happily shop for jewellery, accessories and even sex toys. But most of all, call girls love to shop for clothes. Colin knew this well. He was a London businessman, and would regularly hire a sexy escort girl (or, sometimes, two horny bisexual escorts) to help fulfil his fantasies. More often than not, he would take the sexy young girl shopping. He had plenty of cash, and he knew that his girlfriend escort for that day would appreciate some gifts - and even show her appreciation in the bedroom afterwards! The horny young escort he had hired for the day was called Anna. She had long red hair and pale skin. Her prominent breasts showed through her tight top while her low jeans revealed the top of her black thong. Needless to say, Colin was getting hard just thinking about what he was going to do with the sexy young outcall girl. They were trawling around the clothes section of a famous London department store. Many men would find this boring, but not Colin - he got a thrill from watching his sexy young escort companion dash from display to display, selecting sexy dresses and holding them against her body for him to admire. He like the way the material of the dresses followed the soft contours of her body, particularly her pert and sexy breasts and cute little ass. The horny young escort had selected three dresses, and eagerly headed off to the changing area to try them on. Colin waited for a few moments, then decided he couldn't wait until he got back to his hotel room - he just had to have the cute and sexy London outcall escort right now! Making sure that the shop assistant wasn't watching, he dashed into the changing room and slipped between the curtains. He found Anna the sexy escort in just her thong and bra. The bra was a little too small for her, and the creamy flesh of her breasts was pushing out of the top of it, brushed by the longest strands of her sexy, wavy red locks. She smiled at him - the horny young escort had obviously been hoping he'd join her. In fact, Colin half suspected that she had been deliberately teasing him out on the shop floor in an effort to lure him into the changing cubicle. Colin's experience was that young London outcall escorts were notoriously horny. Like him, she probably couldn't wait until they were properly alone to have sex. Yet the sexy call girl wanted it now and Colin was certainly prepared to grant her wish! He reached for the sexy escort's shoulders and span her around. She shivered a little under the touch of his cold hands. Next, he expertly undid her bra and took it off so that her big young breasts swung free. He felt each one in turn, squeezing the soft flesh so that the sexy escort began to gasp with pleasure. Not wanting to disturb anyone in the next cubicle - or indeed alert the shop assistant - he placed one of his hands tightly over the aroused call girl's mouth, gagging her. With his other hand, Colin worked Anna's thong down until it was around her ankles, and then gave her a sharp slap on the creamy cheeks of her bottom. The sexy London escort understood what this meant, and obediently stepped out of the tiny thong. The cute redhead call girl was submissive by nature, and loved to be dominated by her clients. Colin was very good at working with one hand. He undid the buttons of his jeans, and withdrew his engorged cock from his boxer shorts. Keeping his other hand over the redhead escort's mouth to muffle the cries of pleasure she would inevitably make, he lined up the tip of his cock with her tight, wet pussy. He felt the cute girl shudder with delight as he thrust deep inside her. He could see her sexy freckled face in the mirror, her blue eyes begging him to give it to her really hard. Colin wasn't going to let her down. He pulled out nearly all the way, then thrust his long shaft home once more, feeling the tip grind against the far reaches of the sexy young escort's pussy. Anna was gasping and shuddering - Colin realised she was coming already. The escort agency had told him that this girl was capable of multiple orgasms, but he hadn't expected her to begin spasming quite so quickly. The horny young escort continued to come hard as he thrust in and out of her, her breath steaming up the mirror against which she was resting her forehead. The spasms of her orgasm were making the sexy young callgirl twitch and contract her pussy in the most sensual way and before very long Colin felt the familiar pressure build up. His cock twitched inside her and squirted out a big load of cum.


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