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Teenage Escort Rebecca's Rabbit Vibrator

Rebecca may only have been 19 years old, but she was well used to working as a bisexual escort. Today she was booked for a threesome with Steve and his girlfriend Julia. Little did she know that she would soon be pleasured with a rabbit vibrator! The buzzer sounded and Rebecca hurried over to let them in. She was surprised to discover that Julia looked a lot like her. She was slim with dark hair, dark brown eyes and a pert tight bum. She could well be an escort, thought Rebecca. Being a true professional, Rebecca poured Steve and Julia and glass of wine each to settle help break the ice. She knew how to handle nervous clients on incall appointments. Following this, she led them through to the bedroom. As Steve had requested on the phone, Rebecca was wearing her old school uniform - it wasn't long since she'd last worn it for real. Steve, it seemed, was only there to watch. Rebecca looked expectantly at Julia. Julia coughed nervously. "I wonder if we could have a go with this?" she said, reaching into her handbag and pulling out a large rabbit vibrator. The vibrator was the rabbit type, with a long shaft and rabbit ears for stimulating the user's clit. Rebecca's eyes grew wider. She'd been an escort girl for a while now, but she'd rarely had the chance to use toys, particularly on threesome dates! "Sure, what would you like me to do?" asked Rebecca cheerily. As it turned out, Julia wanted her to lie down on the bed. Steve sat in the chair opposite, and began to rub his crotch. Julia knelt on the bed, and gently eased Rebecca's legs apart. She ran her hand up the inside of Rebecca's thigh, marvelling at the creamy white flesh. The young female escort had put on her special schoolgirl baby-blue panties, complete with little bows and ribbons. She felt Julia's fingers begin to run gently along the line of her vulva, nursing the wet patch that was already forming. She eased her skirt up around her waist to give Julia easier access and felt felt her panties being pulled down. Julia continued to run her hands up and down the insides of Rebecca's thighs and over her pussy. Rebecca realised that this was to get her pussy well-lubricated ready for the act. There was a buzzing noise - the rabbit vibrator had been switched on! Julia slowly slid the rabbit vibrator in. Rebecca gasped as she began to appreciate its dimensions - it was big! She felt herself being stretched as it penetrated her. She could feel the vibrations moving up through her body. At the other end of the bed, Julia pushed another button on the rabbit's control. As well as vibrating, the shaft now began to rotate inside Rebecca's body. The escort shuddered and moaned loudly as the rabbit ears made contact with her clit. The female client began to slowly pump the rabbit vibrator up and down inside Rebecca's pussy. All of this sexy action between the female escort and her female client was obviously all too much for Steve. He came over to the bed and sat astride Rebecca's chest. He then slid one hand around the back of her head and directed her mouth towards his cock. At first, she just pushed the very tip of her tongue down the side of his glans. Without hesitation, Rebecca took Steve's dick deep in her mouth. She sucked a little harder than she usually did, such was the intensity of the vibrations in her pussy which were causing her to lose control. Like most top class escorts, she knew how to take a cock down all the way, and soon the very tip of Steve's dick was brushing the back of her throat. Keeping him deep inside her mouth, she began to pump her head back and forth, giving him some firm suction. As Rebecca gulped down her male incall client's cock, her hands wandered to his balls and started to play with them. Meanwhile, the rabbit vibrator was inside her deeper than anything had ever been before. All of a sudden, Steven shuddered. Rebecca felt his balls clench and this was followed by a flood of hot, salty cum flooding into her mouth. Like the pro she was, Rebecca swallowed every last drop. She then slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked at Steve's flushed face. "Thank you Sir", she said submissively, "I love the taste of c..." She had barely got the words out when Julia turned the rabbit vibrator up to full speed. This made Rebecca come instantly again and again. Julia pulled it nearly all the way out of Rebecca's tight, soaking wet pussy and rammed it back home again. She came for the last time, almost screaming as the intensity of the final orgasm hammered through her body.


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