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Raunchy Striptease from Stunning Paddington Call Girl

The blonde escort in Paddington looked into his eyes and gently tugged at his tie as she pulled away from him. Alice was a tall incall escort and had a most mouth-watering figure. She was the kind of woman who you couldn't fail to notice even in the most crowded room. He had been nervous about contacting the London escort agency. He needn't have worried though. Alice was a friendly and charming Paddington escort, not at all affected by her stunning good looks. His attention returned to the incall escort of his dreams as she slipped her figure hugging dress off her shoulders. An unexpected moan escaped from his lips when the expensive fabric dropped to reveal her large breasts nestled in a black lace bra. The cleavage of the incall escort was deep and inviting, he could hardly drag his eyes away to watch her reveal her flat stomach, the deep dip of her waist, the flare of her feminine hips. Her dress dropped to the floor and the Paddington escort stood before him wearing nothing but her black lace underwear and her high heels. He watched as the sensual body of the sexy Paddington escort moved in an erotic dance, showing off her curves and lines from every conceivable angle. Alice gave a cheeky shimmy, her supple legs dropping her down to an alluring squat before she shimmied back up to her full height. His erection nudged insistently against his pants and he absent-mindedly unzipped his fly and reached in to touch the hot, tight shaft. Alice gave him a knowing smile and turned her back to him, shaking her beautiful behind while her hands reached for the clasp on her bra. He held his breath as the incall escort undid the strap and flung the flimsy garment to the side. A strangled groan erupted from his throat and he pulled his cock free. The Paddington escort looked over her shoulder at him, her blonde hair hanging over one eye. She turned towards him, holding her breasts with her arms crossed over them. With a flourish, the incall escort released her tits. His eyes took in the gentle bounce as gravity took over. His hand stroked his hard dick. Alice walked over to the wall and pressed her hands against it, sticking out her ass towards him and arching her back. His hand moved faster. The Paddington escort hooked her fingers in the waist band of her panties and slid them down her long legs before kicking them away. Returning her hands to the wall, naked except for her high heels, she spread her legs and looked over her shoulder at him. 'Come here lover boy,' she said in her sexy Croatian accent, 'Come here and fuck me.' His legs were shaky when he stood up and walked over to the sexy Paddington escort. Her skin so soft and smooth beneath his hands. He reached around with one hand and gently squeezed one of the incall escort's heavy breasts whilst his other hand guided his dick into her tight, wet pussy. 'Oh, fuck,' he gasped, 'You feel incredible.' He began to fuck the gorgeous Paddington escort, knowing that he wouldn't be able to last long, holding her body against him. 'Come when you're ready,' said the incall escort between moans, 'We have plenty of time to go again.' He felt like the luckiest man alive as he fucked beautiful Alice against the wall.


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