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Rachel meets her first couple

Rachel was a Brazilian London escort. She was very popular with practically everyone she met. She had the most amazing Latina body. That delicately dark skin, a fabulous big round ass, perfectly proportioned. Lovely, naturally very large boobs accentuated by her tiny waist. She was the ultimate Latin escort really, and this is what made her so very popular. That and the fact that she was so very good at what she did. Rachel loved her career. She was always pleased to see her clients, and even happier when she met new guys. She was one of those girls who made her client feel as though he was a King, and there was no-one more important to her than that guy for the duration of their booking. This brought them back time and time again. She would be whisked off to dinner, to the theatre, and even on holidays away in the sun. What was there left to experience? Well, this is the story about how Rachel met her first couple, and then began to offer escort services to couples (and still does as far as we know!) It was totally unintentional actually, and not that much of a great story, but one we’ll tell you anyway. The best stories are those that happen by accident, and this was one of those times. As you can imagine from what we’ve already told you about Rachel, she was never short of attention. It was all she could do to fight off the men in a nightclub whenever she went out with her friends at the weekend. Being an escort in London brought her all the male attention she wanted, and she got paid for that, so she wasn’t really interested in getting that attention outside of work. She was more interested in dancing and having fun more than anything. When she wasn’t shopping or at the gym working on that perfect ass of hers, she was usually dancing and drinking cocktails at some Latino club or other. In fact, this is where it all happened. Now, Rachel was an ordinary heterosexual female, like most others apart from her escorting career. She could recognise and admire a woman for being beautiful, having nice hair, or an exceptionally nice arse etc. You must remember that if Rachel ever remarked that another woman had a nice ass, she really must have had one, simply because Rachel’s was the standard she was going by, and it was awesome! She was never sexually attracted to other women, so this is why she considered herself heterosexual. That is until this particular evening. She was dancing with two of her friends from Venezuela at the time and it wasn’t a particularly busy night at the club. She noticed a very beautiful woman walk through the door, and noticed her before the man she was with. They were a good looking couple. The woman was very tall, slim, with long black hair that cascaded down her back. She had on a backless dress, right down to the cleft of her ass, and it was a nice ass! Yes, and Rachel made a point of remarking this to her friends. They turned to look at the woman and agreed that she was totally hot. One of her friends actually was bisexual, and this woman had really turned her on. “Let’s go and have a drink and get a closer look,” said Rachel’s friend, “I bet you £20 she’s a working girl!” They all giggled and headed off to the bar. Rachel was given her first glimpse at the woman’s face. It was as stunning as the rest of her body. She was clearly Russian or something like that. She had razor sharp cheekbones, with only a light dusting of make-up. Big red lips, a pale model-like complexion and when she glanced over at Rachel and smiled, she showed a smile that would melt the heart of the hardest man, never mind Rachel. But Rachel really was quite smitten with this woman. She couldn’t take her eyes of her. She then began to question herself as she looked this creature up and down with desiring eyes. Her ass was wonderful, high and tight, her legs were smooth, long and gave way to a wonderful dainty pair of ankles before her heels. Very high heels too! Her boobs were medium in size, tucked inside a tight whist blouse, but perfectly in proportion with the rest of her body. It was then that she realised the woman was staring back at her in a similar, somewhat hungry way. Their eyes met and they both smiled. Their brief moment was interrupted by an equally as appealing man. He was tall, although not as tall as his partner in her heels. He had a muscular physique, but not overly so. Rachel wasn’t a fan of the overly muscly men really. He had short, greying hair, a little stubble and a strong chin. Just what she liked. She could quite easily take him to bed and fuck him stupid, she thought to herself. But then, looking over to his woman again, she could quite easily take them both to bed and have some fun! It wasn’t until she was in the toilets that it all came to fruition, so to speak. Rachel was just washing her hands and checking herself in the mirror when the other woman walked in. She stood next to Rachel and smiled at her in the mirror. “Love your ass!” Said the woman, as she reached to her side and gave Rachel’s backside a little smack. Rachel didn’t need any more clues as to what this woman was looking for. She was a professional London escort after all. She immediately grabbed the other woman and pulled her close. She kissed her hard on the lips and slid her hand up the woman’s leg and listened to her gasp as Rachel expertly found her panties. She plunged her hand inside and felt the wetness and warmth of her new lover’s pussy. “Not here,” said the other woman, as she allowed Rachels fingers to penetrate her and make her weak in the knees. “Come back with us to our flat around the corner,” she said, “my husband really likes you too!” Rachel wasn’t quite sure what came over her, but she agreed and the two of them walked out of the toilets hand in hand over to where the woman’s husband was. He stood there smiling, finished his drink and headed for the door. Rachel looked over at her friends, her face all red and flushed, and just smiled. “Call me tomorrow, I’ll tell you everything!”


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