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London Escort for Quickie Before his Meeting

Luke arrived in his hotel room, kicked open the door and looked around. It looked fine - a big bed, a spacious desk and a bathroom with a roomy shower. It had everything Luke needed so he threw his bag to the corner, jumped on the bed and looked at his watch. It was 7.20pm; she would be here for their quickie in just 10 minutes! He jumped up, took off his suit and stepped into the shower. He was just stepping out of the shower when he heard a knock at the door - she was here already! This hadn't exactly gone as planned - he'd intended to get dressed and make himself look presentable. As it was, he was naked and dripping wet. Wrapping a towel around himself, he opened the door for his outcall escort. She was so beautiful and she had the most amazing body. Lengthy introductions weren't necessary for a quickie such as this. Luke immediately slid his hand between her thighs and his finger found its way to her already wet pussy. He slowly slid his finger along her pussy lips before plunging it inside. The outcall client began to slide it back and forth, sampling the premium pussy he was paying for. He pulled his finger out and removed his towel, revealing his large erection. His escort also stripped and as she did, Luke slapped her arse. Feeling adventurous, he then grabbed his bottle of lube and applied it generously to his erect cock before pushing his escort down on to the bed and thrusting himself inside of her. The outcall London escort girl moaned out loud - she hadn't expected a quickie but she liked it! He put his hands on her hips to be able to better thrust his hard dick deep inside her. Luke was fucking with an urgency neither of them had expected. His banging of her pussy was so hard that felt like she was going to cum already - it was just so fast! Her body contorted and her senses heightened as she came hard. On seeing this, Luke pulled out and sprayed her face with his cum. They lay there exhausted from their quickie. Luke apologised and told her he was late for a meeting. But no apology was necessary. The escort was a bit shell-shocked but she had had a quickie 15 minutes of sex. In fact, she couldn't wait until their next date when he had more time!


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