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Pure Russian Call Girl Gives Anal Surprise

Dana was used to the reaction that she got from her dates. The Russian escort was often seen as cute and innocent and she would often dress in a manner that matched the misconception. White lace covered her slim, graceful body - the look was designed to make her seem a virgin. The London escort kept her eyes looking to the ground in a show of demure innocence. All the while, her body burned with lust. Today's date was entranced by her beauty. This was reflected in his behaviour as he treated her like a delicate flower, frightened that one wrong move would cause the hot Russian escort to break. He held her hand gently as they entered the bedroom, careful not to frighten such an innocent vision of loveliness. Dana pressed her dainty hand to his masculine chest and finally lifted her eyes. He stepped back, a little startled at what he saw. She smiled, letting him take in the carnal knowledge that she longed to share with him. He cocked his head and smiled back. Stepping forward again, he held her close to his hard body, no longer scared of breaking her. 'I like to fuck dirty,' said the beautiful Russian escort. 'I am so happy to hear that,' he said before pressing his mouth to hers in a hungry kiss. Lust raged between the two of them. They tore each other's clothes in a matter of seconds. Bare skin touched intimately. The London escort's flat belly pressed against him and her erect nipples brushed his male flesh. At the same time his hard cock nestled between her soft thighs. With a frustrated moan, she grasped his hand and dragged him to the bed. 'In my ass,' she said, 'I need you to fuck me in my ass.' Dana knelt on all fours, her neat round ass facing towards him. The sexy Russian escort spat on her hand and rubbed the lubricating saliva over her tight asshole. Following her lead, he used his own spit to lube up his throbbing dick. Kneeling behind her sexy body, he guided his cock into her ass, rocking slowly as her flesh yielded to his invading appendage. She gasped with pleasure and her hands tightly gripped the duvet. The Kensington escort's hips thrust to his rhythm which served to draw him deeper inside her lovely young body. He reached for her clit and rubbed it fast. Tremors ran up her supple thighs as she groaned and jolted in pleasure. He felt the Russian escort's pussy tighten as her orgasm burst through her. 'I'm going to come,' he gasped, 'fuck, you're so sexy.' 'In my face,' she begged, 'Please come in my face.' He pulled out of her ass and she turned around. With a few quick strokes of his hand, his body convulsed with a powerful climax. He watched white ropes of spunk smother the beautiful face that was turned towards him. Dana smiled and rubbed his cum into her smooth skin. 'You weren't kidding when you said that you like to fuck dirty,' he said. 'We've only just got started,' said the sexy anal escort.


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