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Pritha the Indian Call Girl Submits

Pritha was the sort of Indian escort girl who was very often in demand as a London escort. Half Indian, she was slim and smooth bodied, with thick silky black hair and huge brown eyes. Her slimness was pleasantly offset by her very prominent chest. She was in some ways quite self-conscious about her big breasts. If anything she was a rather submissive call girl and liked to be controlled by her clients. There were a few regulars that she really trusted and allowed to use bondage equipment. She loved being tied down to a bed and fucked. That feeling of being dominated by a man thrilled her. There was one client she particularly enjoyed seeing. His name was Richard and she often enjoyed kinky and submissive activity with him. He was a tall, blonde and handsome man in his forties. Every time he made a new booking the sexy Indian escort felt her pussy filling up with juices in anticipation. As ever, the appointment was an outcall, and it took place in his flat in Chelsea. He usually booked Pritha for about three hours, so there was plenty of time for a chat as well as the main hot and horny action of the date. Pritha was a very interesting and educated girl who had been to a posh boarding school and then studied Classics at Bristol University. She and Richard often found themselves chatting for ages before they actually had sex. And that's exactly what happened on this occasion. Richard had recently travelled to Rome, and was eager to discuss his visit with his sexy escort girlfriend. They chatted for almost an hour, sipping chilled white wine before they leaned in and kissed. Pritha may have enjoyed BDSM submission but she liked a little bit of romance too. She really began to get stuck into her snogging session with the sexy outcall client. He soon led her to the bedroom and asked her to lie down underneath the canopy of his large four poster bed, on which she had been fucked so many times before. She was wearing a thin blouse, which he quickly pulled open. As soon as the sexy young escort was flat on her back he hitched her pencil skirt around her waist and pulled off her panties. Now came the fun part! Working methodically, Richard retrieved some ropes from under the bed and tied Pritha down, knotting around each ankle and wrist and tying the other ends of the rope to the underside of the bed. As always, he bound the young Indian escort up good and tight so that her slim, petite body was stretched out. Finally he blindfolded the submissive escort. Within moments of tying and blindfolding her up he had his cock out and was kneeling between Pritha's legs. Slowly and deliberately, he lined his long cock up with her tight young pussy and buried himself deep inside her. Pritha shuddered but couldn't move because of her restraints. Richard enjoyed the sensation of the cute young Indian escort girl trying to push back against his thrusts and failing because she was so helpless. He slid his hands underneath the cute young incall and outcall London escort and grasped her tight little ass. He began to fuck his Indian escort roughly, pulling her up as he pushed inside. Pritha winced and bit her lip as she was fucked and pulled up because the ropes were burning the soft flesh of her wrists. But she didn't cry out: she took it like she knew she had to - as the sexy submissive escort that she was. For his part, Richard was very much enjoying the sensation of being buried in the young London escort's tight and wet pussy. He burrowed in as deep as he could, loving the sensation as the tip of his cock plunged inside her. It wasn't long before Pritha was coming - the combination of extreme pleasure and controlled discomfort always set her off. The Indian escort was far too demure to cry out - instead she whimpered and moaned as she came. Richard was not far behind her. Feeling the tension in Pritha's body as her orgasm moved through her, her pussy muscles spasming, he felt the cum milked out of him.  He filled her with a good load before collapsing on the bed. The sexy young Indian escort was breathing hard - it had been another great outcall appointment.


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