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Posh Sex with a High Class London Escort Girl

Like many a high class escort in London, Lisa really enjoyed the finer things in life. She liked champagne, fine wines, good food and culture. So she was tremendously excited when she got a call from her high class London escort agency who told her that a client had made a two hour outcall booking, and wanted to take her for afternoon tea at a very upmarket London hotel. The thought of all those cucumber sandwiches and cream scones - with maybe a little naughty fun thrown in for good measure - was almost too much for the sexy young escort girl to bear. As she clattered up the front steps of the hotel in her high heels, the cute young escort ran through her mental checklist. The sexy high class escort was well used to both incalls and outcall dates these days, but the 21-year-old hottie still understood the value of being a perfectionist. She was certainly very attractive - average height, a slim size 8 with a neat 32C bust. Her face was cute and framed by sexy red hair. But it was her green penetrating eyes that really set her apart. She wore a smart blouse and skirt which were necessary for a date at such a high-class venue. As she walked through the lobby she briefly stopped to check her makeup in one of the huge baroque mirrors. When Lisa entered the lounge she was immediately scooped up by Andrew who guided to a table in the corner. He was a tall, well-built man in his early fifties. He had an air of professionalism about him, and looked like he might have played rugby in his younger days. The very model of politeness, Andrew quickly charmed her and the two of them were soon sipping Earl Grey and munching on sandwiches, talking like old friends. However the young high class escort knew that middle-aged men didn't book London escort girls just so they could talk chat about their day. After the sandwiches, Andrew suggested they enjoyed the next course in a private lounge he had booked. Getting rapidly turned on, the sexy young escort girl followed her client up the stairs and into the plush lounge. The private lounge enjoyed a great view over St. James' Park through a large bay window. Lisa went to admire it, and right away Andrew was behind her. The outcall client placed his hands on her hips and ran them up and down her body, feeling her slim lines encased in the smart suit. Lisa had became horny very quickly and began to breathe deeply. Andrew was clearly getting turned on too as Lisa could feel the strong throb of his erection pushing against her. Without changing position or turning around, the sexy London escort girl hitched her skirt up around her waist. As usual, she was knickerless, so her cute arse was exposed. By shuffling her feet apart and angling her torso forward a little she was able to offer Andrew her pussy with ease. Unzipping his trousers, he pulled out his cock. If Lisa had been able to see it she would have been delighted - it was huge! However, she was about to get the opportunity to experience exactly what Andrew could do with it. He lined up the head of his cock with her pussy opening and drove in deep. The young escort girl gasped and shuddered as she felt her client's meat penetrate her. Andrew fucked her slowly but with hard strokes, pushing deep inside her and simply savouring the sensation of his dick being gripped by the escort girl's tight young pussy. The young escort girl's pussy was producing an abundance of love juice which was now dripping from her pussy and running down his scrotum. Stimulated by this, he began to fuck faster. Grasping Lisa with a firmer grip he hammered inside her, reaching with his other hand to deftly unbutton her shirt and feel the softness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples. After a few more driven thrusts he came, pumping a huge amount of hot cum inside the call girl's sweet wet pussy. The high class escort turned round to face Andrew, dishevelled and flushed. She grasped his still stiff cock and used it to lead him, slowly and gently, towards the sofa. She wanted to come too.


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