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Political Penetration For Two Blonde Call Girls

One of the great things about being a politician was that you got to spend a lot of time away from home. John Neal pondered this as he reclined in his leather-backed chair in Portcullis House, just over the road from the House of Commons. Not that he didn't miss his wife, of course. The London politician phoned her every night and would apologise for having to be away from their constituency home for so long. Now, to be fair to him, most of the time John was away from home he was indeed doing his best to further the interests of his constituents and his country. But for a small minority of the time he was forced to use this as a cover for his favourite pastime - fucking sexy blonde escorts from top London escort agencies! In fact, as far as John was concerned this wasn't quite so much a hobby as the indulgence of a passion for an art form. Like many people who have a strong willpower, his sexual desires were also strong, and barely a week went by when he didn't spend at least a little time with a blonde, brunette or redhead escort. Sometimes he treated himself and booked an incall or outcall appointment with a pair of sexy blonde escorts - though he usually did his best to make sure that this was a Friday night when he wouldn't have too many commitments the following day. As John leaned back in his chair, the pair of sexy escort girls he had booked for the afternoon had just finished stripping off. Dasha and Katia were both 19 years old and blonde. They had slim, smooth bodies with pert breasts. He could make out two tight, neat slits. Both of them were glistening already with lubrication. John sighed with satisfaction. He wasn't what you would call a good-looking guy by any measure, but he was always pleased when the power he wielded turned girls on, as is invariably did. He continued to recline in his chair while the two blonde escorts stood in front of him, watching expectantly. Clearly they were both relatively new to the London escort business, which was only to be expected given their relative youth. More experienced escorts would have been all over him by now. Still, young ladies have to learn somehow and John was quite happy to do the teaching! Not that he was going to make a lot of effort - that wasn't what he was paying for. Instead, he simply inclined his head towards his groin. Dasha got the message first, and kneeled down next to his chair. She found the bulge of his cock and began to rub it through his trousers. Getting the idea quickly, Katia kneeled down on the other side and joined in. Both sexy blonde escorts were running their smooth, small hands over John's crotch. His cock began to grow and swell to the point where it was uncomfortable contained within his trousers. The girls realised this and wasted no time in unbuttoning and unzipping, gently pulling his cock free. There is no sensation quite like having four feminine hands lift a newly-hard cock, and as the girls wrapped their fingers around his shaft and tickled his balls, he felt himself grow even harder. Dasha again took the lead by ducking her head and wrapping her warm, wet mouth around him. There was no playful tongue-teasing. She took him down all the way in one gulp so he could feel the very tip of his cock brushing the soft, wet flesh at the back of the escort girl's throat. Dasha sucked for a while, fast and firm, making him as hard as she could. By now the naughty blonde escorts had devised a plan, it seemed. John wasn't to come in Dasha's mouth, but in Katia's pussy. After a couple of dozen pulls, Dasha, with seeming reluctance, took John's cock out of her mouth and held it upright. Katia quickly put a leg over him and began to lower her pussy down on his cock. Dasha held his cock upright with one hand, and, with the other, reached between Katia's legs and, with her fingers, spread the other girl's pussy wide. The effect for John was that his cock seemed to penetrate immediately into the warm, tight depths of Katia's pussy. The girls' aim was to make him cum, hard, deep and fast. Katia pushed herself forward, pressing her body and her round breasts against him. The teen escort began to pump her pelvis hard. Simultaneously, Dasha rubbed her fingertips around the base of John's penetrating cock while tickling his balls with her other hand. All of this stimulation was just too much to take. After just a few strokes he came hard and deep inside the young blonde escort, pumping what felt like a year's worth of cum into her depths.


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