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Pleasure Ride for Anal Call Girl Kitty

The Polish escort lay on her back. The surface of the desk was hard against her soft skin. Once again she was reminded how much she loved being part of the best London escort agency. She grasped her date between her smooth thighs and kissed him on the lips. He gave the anal escort gentle kisses along her her neck, her throat and to her firm breasts. Kitty gasped when his mouth found her sensitive nipples. The London escort was wonderfully aware of his cock as it rested against her pelvis. She sighed contentedly, luxuriating in his sexual attention. His mouth moved down her flat belly until it found her clit. She twisted at the powerful pleasure which rushed through her young body in response to his oral touch. His tongue worked along her slit, lapping up her pussy juices and lubricating her quivering asshole. Sighs and moans fluttered from her mouth. The anal escort was so horny that she was on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped. He lifted his head and smiled up at her from between her sexy legs. 'Not quite yet, my lustful Kitty,' he said. The beautiful escort pretended to pout but her heart hammered in excited anticipation of what was coming next. He raised her long legs so that they were vertical, his fingers pried her firm ass cheeks apart and ensured that her asshole was well lubricated. 'Are you ready?' he said. 'I think you know the answer,' she said, smiling. The tip of his cock pushed into her tight hole. Kitty gasped at the onslaught of tingling pleasure that accompanied the ass invasion. He used her long legs to push against as he slid deeper inside her. His arms wrapped around her legs, holding them tight against his chest whilst his hips banged against her ass. The sexy anal escort gripped the edge of the desk to give him a firm base to fuck against. The muscles in her pussy and ass trembled in lapping waves of building euphoria. Now that he was in his rhythm, he allowed one leg to fall over each of his shoulders and he fucked her hard, driving deep. Kitty gasped and groaned, her breasts bouncing and hips thrusting. 'I'm coming,' she said, 'I can't hold back.' 'Wait,' he said, 'Just a little bit longer.' The Polish escort bit her lower lip, trying to constrain the wild sexual abandon that coursed through her veins. They fucked on the desk - it was anal sex in all it's dirty glory. Kitty's gorgeous body trembled with the effort of holding back her climax but the anal escort could hear the change in his breathing and knew that she wouldn't have to wait for long. 'Now,' he gasped. Together, they tipped over the edge and erotic euphoria raced through their bodies. Locked together, they came hard.


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