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A Horny Busty Call Girl Begs for OWO

The busty escort crawled across the floor. Her name was Ines and her blonde curls fell carelessly around her beautiful face while her lustful blue eyes fixed on her target. He was sat on the edge of the bed and he had her attention. The young and busty escort moved with grace. From his view from the bed he watched her gorgeous ass shake from side to side as she crawled towards him. Her fabulous, full breasts bounced within the confines of her lacy underwear. She reached him and grasped his ankles with her feminine hands. Ines loved to take her time, building his anticipation of what was to come. Her hands slid up his legs enjoying the feel of his masculine form. She pushed his knees apart and knelt between them. Her blue eyes looked into his and she bit her lower lip, asking for permission to begin. He cleared his throat and nodded his approval, trying not to look too eager. With a knowing smile, Ines kissed him. It was so slow, sensuous and so very erotic. The busty escort's dainty hands cupped his balls through his trousers and he gasped. She found his zipper and slowly undid his fly. Warm, soft hands reached in and drew out his hard cock. Her eyes widened with pleasure at the sight of it - OWO was one of her favourite things. Her full lips kissed his mouth one more time before she dipped her head to his straining dick. He groaned as those incredible lips closed around the taut flesh. The sensation of the busty escort's wet mouth and agile tongue was almost too incredible to endure. Her blonde head bounced up and down, taking his length deep into her throat. The young OWO escort crossed her legs and pressed her thighs together. OWO got her so horny that sometimes she could come without being touched. She moaned as she sucked, caught up in the erotic act, lost to the art of giving pleasure. His hand pressed on her head and she sucked faster and harder, taking him deeper. She rolled his balls between her fingers, feeling how hot and swollen they were. He cried out and spunk shot into her mouth. She adored that moment when her mouth was full of cum and her lover gasped in ecstasy. Her body began to shudder as her own pleasure consumed her. Ines really hoped that he would want to do it again.


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