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Call Girl With a PhD in Sex

Cassie was not your everyday London escort girl. Although callgirls in London come from all backgrounds, she was particularly unusual since she was a full-time student. Now studying for her PhD, the main problem Cassie had was a lack of time. Nearing the deadline for writing her thesis, she spent the vast majority of her time at the libary. She was studying Medieval Literature and many of the manuscripts that she had to work with were kept in the British Library. Such texts couldn't be taken outside of the premises and this was problematic. After all, this meant that daytime appointments with clients of her London escort agency were very difficult indeed. Some of the sexy escort girl's best regular customers were daytime guys. She had to find a solution. Being an intelligent and imaginative girl, she soon did. If she couldn't visit her daytime clients, they would have to come to her!  She struck a deal with one of the senior librarians, too. Luckily, he was a guy, and more than happy to let Cassie practise her profession in exchange for a weekly blowjob. The escort girl still had to be discreet as there were plenty of busybody librarians who wouldn't think twice about trying to impose their frigid ideology. Cassie thought they would probably be doubly angry at the thought of a cute young girl getting lots of sex - it was all jealousy! To her delight, she found that the scheme worked wonderfully. Her clients would turn up and the head librarian would ensure that they were ushered through the reception area. As soon as she spotted them she walked up, smiled, and led them off to a back room that she had discreetly arrange for the purpose. It was stacked with boxes of old magazines, and in a corner was a sofa - ideal for her purposes. A typical client was Darren. He was a nice guy, and intelligent, but not necessarily the type to be found frequenting academic institutions. He was like so many young city workers - good-looking, bright and going places. The day Darren turned up, Cassie was particularly pleased to see him. The sexy escort girl had met Darren once before on an outcall appointment to his flat. She remembered that she had been gratified by his niceness, his firm body and the length of his cock. Leading him into the back room, Cassie quickly stripped off. She was slim, and had long blonde-brown hair. Her boobs weren't particularly big but were perfectly rounded. Her best feature by far was her big toned ass. She knew that Darren was in a hurry, so she quickly pushed him down on the sofa and unzipped his trousers. His cock sprang out. It was as large as the escort girl remembered it, and in a moment she was forcing it deep into her mouth. Right away Darren began to moan as he felt his length being sucked into the back of Cassie's warm throat. She wanked it using long, firm strokes. Cassie, clever as she was, was also an expert at OWO, and loved nothing more than the feel and taste of cock in her mouth. Pulling at the cock with increasingly hard strokes, Cassie began to tickle and massage the tip with her tongue. She was hoping for a big load of cum to swallow. Darren did not disappoint! After a moment or two more her began to groan and thrash about. Recognising the signs of imminent orgasm, the sexy London escort girl plunged her head downwards, so his cock was down her throat. He came hard and filled her cute young mouth with his cum as she gently squeezed his balls to get out every last drop. When she was sure he had finished she withdrew, carefully keeping every last drop of cum in her mouth. She sat up, smiled at Darren, and carefully and deliberately swallowed the lot.


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