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Petite Brunette Call Girl Provides Skype Sex to Client!

Holly had been escorting in London for just over a year. The petite brunette had been on plenty of incall and outcall dates. However today was different. She’d been asked if she could do an appointment via Skype. Holly had heard about such requests from the other London callgirls before but this was a first for her! As it turned out, the cute London escort’s client was a London businessman who was in China for a week-long conference. He was a regular client of Holly’s escort agency and was already missing the pleasures of his favourite London callgirls like the petite brunette! And so it was on a Wednesday evening that Holly say down in front of her laptop and began her first Skype sex session. The international client had specifically requested that the cute London escort start the call completely naked. There was simply no time to waste! So when the call connected and the webcams turned on, Holly could see that he was very happy that she’d followed his instructions. The petite brunette escort saw that he too was naked and ready to have some fun. Having exchanged pleasantries, it was time to begin! Strategically positioning her laptop so that it gave a good view of her bedroom, Holly went to her favourite music playlist, stood up and began to move. It was a sort of virtual lapdance and from the looks of things, her client was very much enjoying it! The cute London escort gyrated her hips, as her hands explored her own body. She was slim and toned with pert little breasts and a perfectly-shaped ass. Her pussy was neatly shaved and wonderfully tight. The petite escort girl with brunette hair swayed her ass from side to side, showing her client exactly what she had to offer. Her hope was that he would book her for an in-person appointment when he was back in London. All the while, he jerked his cock and watched her in amazement. There was no doubt that Holly was very sexy and she moved incredibly well. Her hands massaged her breasts, squeezing her perky nipples. Next, they slowly moved down to her pussy which was already soaking wet. Now it was time for the cute London escort to really give her Skype client a show! Taking the biggest dildo she owned, Holly lay back on the bed and stroked the tip of it against her pussy. Her international client was wanking even harder and faster now. She would soon send him over the edge. Pressing the dildo against her beautiful cunt, Holly moaned as it broke the resistance of her tight pussy, sliding inside. She loved a big, fat cock as much as any of the best London callgirls. Spreading her legs wider, Holly began to fuck herself with the dildo, imagining it was the dick of her international client. For his part, he was jerking himself silly, his cum surely not far away. Juices ran down from the tight pussy of the petite brunette. Holly knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold out for long - the huge dildo always gave her a huge orgasm. Sure enough, the cute London escort’s legs began to tremble. Her breasts shook and her legs wobbled as her orgasm came ever-closer. Quickly pulling the big dildo out of her wet pussy, Holly rubbed her clit and squirted. It was a glorious sight as her love juices sailed through the air, almost reaching her laptop itself! Looking up, she saw that her client had cum at the same time, sticky white liquid still dripping from his big dick. She couldn’t wait to meet him in person very soon!


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