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Pete chooses a Voluptuous Girl from a London Escort Agency

Guys like all types of women; some like petite girls, some like slim busty girls and some like girls with a little bit more meat on them. Pete liked voluptuous women and if they had huge tits then all the better! Pete had gone to London on business and after his meeting returned to his London hotel to work on his laptop. He got about 30 minutes into his work and then his mind started to wander - this was not unusual and it was typically thoughts of sex. Today was no different and Pete realised he had two choices. He could wander around some of the local bars on the off-chance that he struck lucky or he book a voluptuous escort. What Pete needed was a 100% full-proof way of getting a voluptuous escort in his bed that very night. So he called a local London escort agency and requested their biggest escort girl. It was not long before she arrived. As she entered the room, she dropped her rain coat straight away. Amazingly, she was wearing nothing more than some pink lingerie - she must have been freezing! He could see that her tits were indeed huge - perhaps DD's or even bigger. His voluptuous escort bent down and started giving him a blowjob. Pete had a rather large dick and it was on the thick side, causing her to choke on it a few times. It was she that suggested she took his cock for a ride, keen to try it out in her pussy. She pushed her outcall client on the bed and climbed on top. Within seconds the voluptuous escort was bouncing away on his hard cock, her huge tits smothering his face. Pete grabbed her big, full ass and squeezed it as it bounced up and down, clapping as it did so. Sensing that her client was enjoying her ass, she switched to reverse cowgirl so he could get a better view. Pete knew he wanted to cum there and then. From the sound of his moans, his voluptuous escort knew this and dropped down onto her client's dick even harder, her pussy dripping and her ass shaking like jelly. Pete grabbed her ass and pressed it down as he came hard, his spunk shooting into her snatch, filling it entirely. She was incredible. They still had a good hour left on the clock so it only made sense that a soapy shower was now in order. After all, they were both very dirty indeed.


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