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Party girl Escort duo in an unforgettable night

I’d always been a bit of a playboy and nothing turned me on more than when I got to hire myself some escorts. One particular night it was my friends 21st Birthday and I wanted to show up looking like a rock star. That’s when I decided to hire myself a party girl escort duo. The girls were both equally stunning, they were from the US and they both had massive tits, tiny waists and juicy arses, just the way I liked them. I had arranged to meet the girls at a bar just around the corner from the party location and when they turned up, I knew I was in for the night of my life. The girls came dressed to impress, both had mini black dresses on, and their legs were shapely and long, my dick was twitching just looking at them. Both girls were super eager to please me and right from the beginning they were all over me, stroking my arms and kissing me on the cheek. I felt like a god and when I entered the night club, I knew that other guys were looking at me like I was important. I liked the power of having sexy girls on my arms and what’s more I always knew I was guaranteed to never be alone at the end of the evening. I spent the night dancing with my duo escorts, their bodies looked incredible and I could tell that they must have had training in exotic dancing, Tiffany even got up on the pole at one point and gave me and the fellow party goers a show to never forget. What I loved most about the girls was how much fun they were, they were up for anything that was fun, and it wasn’t long before I found myself and my pals drinking shots from their bodies. The shot glasses balanced perfectly on their toned stomachs and each of them made me aware when I’d spilt a drop so that I could lick up the juices from their bodies. We laughed and partied all evening and when I showed them to a private booth in the corner the girls were more excited than ever, it was there that the game of truth and dare commenced and soon the girls were doing unimaginable things to one another’s bodies. Their tongues were down each other throats and their hands were rubbing up and down each other, caressing themselves in front of my very eyes. It wasn’t long into the dares when I found myself with a face full of pussy and a pair of sexy tits in my face, the night was going from strength to strength and I couldn’t wait to get the girls back to my apartment. For the rest of the evening we drank shots and enjoyed one another’s bodies as much as we could. It was sensational and I had never felt so free in my life and the fact I would have both of these two beauties when we returned home made it a night of my life that I would never forget.


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