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Paddington GFE With Beautiful Blonde Call Girl

He felt so at home in the Paddington incall apartment of the beautiful blonde escort. After several hot dates with Eliza, he knew his way around. He knew where to hang his coat, where the wine glasses were kept and most importantly, where she kept her sex toys! The gorgeous escort with blonde hair was wearing the lingerie set that they had bought together on a recent shopping spree. Delicate white lace caressed her soft curves giving her a look of purity that belied the sex kitten within. Her firm breasts peeked over the top of the balconette bra and the tactile material of the panties skimmed her round buttocks. She knelt on the bed, her slim and smooth thighs open. She had a sultry expression on her beautiful face that served to fire his lust for her. Eliza gave the best GFE - perhaps the very best in London! 'Come here, lover,' she said, swaying her supple body. With two long strides he was at the bed, towering over her slight frame. His hand caught the small of the blonde escort's back, pressing her against him as he kissed her with passion. A small moan escaped from her responsive lips as she sank against him. Her feminine hands unbuttoned his shirt. As he dropped the shirt on the floor, the blonde escort undid his fly and slid his pants down his thighs. With a gentle push, he sent her back onto the bed. She bounced with a squeal of delight. Discarding the rest of his clothes, he pressed his body on top of hers, enjoying the sensation of his hard cock against her soft body. They kissed again and let their tongues explore. Her hands roamed over his back and to his buttocks. Those smooth, feminine thighs wrapped themselves around his waist, opening her pussy to him. 'I want to fuck you so badly,' he said, 'I want to fill your tight, wet pussy with my dick and fuck you until you come.' 'Oh baby,' the hot blonde escort sighed, 'I love it when you make me come. Fuck me, I need you to fuck me.' Pushing her bra down, his lips found her pink nipples. He kissed and sucked them, enjoying her gasps of pleasure. Manoeuvring his hips, he brought his dick up to her pussy. His fingers tore the flimsy material of her panties and he pushed his stiff cock up her. The sexy Paddington escort's tight opening yielded to his penetration. He kissed her on the side of her neck and gently bit the sensitive skin. A hiss of air from Eliza's lips reminded him of how much she loved it when he did that. The sexy blonde escort pressed her head against his and crooned as he continued to pleasure her neck. All the while she moved her hips, taking him deep inside her to a steady rhythm. The London escort was so wet that he slid in and out with ease. Balancing himself on his hands, he looked down at her and watched as he fucked her. He loved the way that her breasts moved to their fucking rhythm and how her mouth opened and closed ever so slightly with each pleasured breath. The sight of her drove him to a faster tempo and she went with him. Little squeals escaped her lips with each slide over her g-spot. Reaching under her pillow he pulled out the finger vibrator that he knew she kept there. He slipped it on and flicked the switch. Eliza's eyes widened at the sound and a smile spread across her flushed face. Pressing the vibrator against the blonde escort's clit, he felt the instant response deep inside her pussy. Strong muscles closed around his cock as her back arched. He held the buzzing source of intense pleasure against her body whilst he fucked her hard. The beautiful escort cried out, twisting and quivering beneath him. She was so sexy and the sight of her was so erotic that his own climax soon thundered through him. Shuddering spurt after spurt of spunk filled her pussy. Eliza came again, holding his trembling body tight against her with her quivering thighs.


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