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Paddington Call Girls Indulge in Lesbian Play

They could hear the rain hammering down outside. It had been raining all day and the two escorts in Paddington had a rare day off. They both wished they had incall or outcall dates to keep them amused. Yet as Paddington escorts there was no need for the escort duo to be bored. Hailing from Eastern Europe, both Ana and Maria were incredibly attractive women. Indeed, they worked for the best escort agency in London. A typical date involved an incall or outcall with one man. But occasionally they were booked together as an escort duo. The two Paddington escorts from Eastern Europe found each other to be attractive. They loved being booked as an escort duo and being allowed the opportunity to embrace their bisexual sides. Today the two were sharing Maria’s bed, watching a movie together. The cold, rainy weather outside made the Eastern European escort duo snuggle up together, their arms and legs wrapped around each other in an attempt to stay as warm as possible. Yet their feeling the cold was in part down to the complete lack of clothes they were wearing. Under the covers the Paddington escorts lay naked, their body heat warming each other. Ana ran her fingernails gently up Maria’s toned stomach, her hand reaching her ample bosom. Grasping it in her palm, she gave it a slight squeeze before stroking the hard nipple. Maria sighed contentedly and ran her hand up Ana’s smooth, slim legs. The Paddington escorts were innocently exploring but both of the escort duo knew that more was to come. Forgetting the movie, the sexy escort duo turned to each other and gently pressed their lips together. Their lips were soft and full, and both Ana and Maria got a real turn on from French kissing. It was Maria that parted her soft lips first, allowing Ana’s adventurous tongue to find hers. All the while their hands wandered and found each other’s pussies. The Eastern European Paddington escorts both giggled as they discovered that they were both very wet. They continued to French kiss, their tongues gently exploring each other’s mouths. Soft moans escaped as they began to tickle each other’s clits. The sexy escort duo were now pushing the covers off as their bodies warmed up in sheer pleasure. Ana ducked her head and pressed her full lips to her Eastern European partner’s firm breast. Ever so gently, she began to suck on the hard nipple, all the while rubbing Maria’s clit. Maria moaned in response, her enthusiasm showing as she slid two fingers into Ana’s tight wet pussy. Ana did the same and the Paddington escorts were now finger fucking each other. Their wet, warm pussies made soft squelching noises as they were each fucked by the slender feminine fingers. Their sex juices began to run from their pussies, further lubricating the fingers of their Eastern European escort partner. The bedroom was now a chorus of sexual moans and groans as the young Paddington escorts both neared orgasm. It was Maria’s bed and Ana wanted to ensure her escort duo partner came first. Leaving the soft comfort of Maria’s lips and tongue, she lowered herself so the level of Maria’s pussy. The Paddington escort’s pussy was soaking wet and Ana teasingly licked up the juices that were trickling from it. The sexy Eastern European callgirl then began to circle the tip of her tongue over Maria’s swollen clit, all the while probing her pussy with her fingers. Maria’s hands found Ana’s head, pressing it harder against her pussy as she bucked and writhed in ecstasy. Her legs trembled and she shrieked as her orgasm hit her hard. Ana continued her oral attention, causing Maria to experience orgasm after orgasm, her legs shaking and breasts quivering as she regained her breath. Ana rose from her crouching position and kissed her escort duo partner on the mouth, allowing her to taste herself. Next it would be Ana’s turn for some special attention and the Paddington escorts hadn’t even brought out the toys yet!


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