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OWO Wild Ride for Blonde Call Girl Maya

Theme parks had always excited the Eastern European escort. Maya loved the adrenaline rush of hurtling through space, dropping from the sky and flying upside down. The blonde escort knew that she would be looking even prettier than usual with her eyes sparkling and her cheeks flushed, so she wasn't surprised that her date was being so amorous with her. The hot London escort was getting kissed more and more passionately after each ride that they went on together, she was feeling horny as hell and wishing that they could head back to their hotel room if only for a little while. 'I want you to suck my dick,' he whispered whilst they edged to the front of the queue for the next ride. Maya felt her pussy quiver and her panties get damp. The hot blonde escort longed to be able to give him OWO but there were people everywhere! 'I want that too,' the blonde escort murmured, 'but we don't want to get arrested.' He laughed. 'This next ride is in the dark. We'll take the back carriage.' The sexy young escort's heart beat faster with excitement. She grasped his hand and gave it a squeeze. This was going to be so naughty. She couldn't wait! Once they had taken their seats, Maya tested the restraints to make sure that she had enough movement. She gave a little squeal of excitement when she discovered that there was just enough slack for them to carry out their plan. As the carriage began to move off into the pitch dark, he gave her a sensuous kiss. 'I'm already hard,' he said. Reaching her hand across, Maya felt his erection and deftly released it. The carriage rattled along twisting and turning whilst it climbed. Adrenaline coursed through the blonde escort's horny body whilst she dipped her head and found his cock with her mouth. His loud groan was lost in amongst the sounds of the clanking carriage. The Earls Court escort crossed her legs squeezing her soft thighs together, feeling her pussy throb as she sucked his dick. Maya was excellent at OWO, she could bring a man off quick or slow, could time it perfectly. She knew that this would have to be quite fast, the ride wouldn't last very long, so she worked his length with every ounce of her oral expertise. The carriage continued to climb. Her date's leg began to kick out, his crotch bucking within the safety restraints. Just as the carriage tipped over the pinnacle of its climb, he came, shooting cum into the sexy blonde escort's mouth. His triumphant cry was lost in amongst the screams from the other passengers. The sensation of falling and her mouth full of cock and cum combined to send a wonderful, pulsing orgasm pounding through Maya's quivering body. By the time the carriage came to a stop and the lights came on, she was sitting up, his cock put away. The only sign of just how wild their ride had been was a tiny bit of cum at the corner of her mouth.


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