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OWO Threeway for Horny Czech Call Girl Rachel

The Czech escort was like sexual sunshine - she simply glowed with youth and vitality. He watched her walk into the apartment, her large breasts bouncing beneath her summery dress. Rachel's long shapely legs were bare and the smooth skin was lightly tanned and flawless. His cock began to stiffen. With a soft click, he closed the door behind them. 'I have a treat for you tonight,' he said, feeling the pleasure of seeing her beautiful face light up. 'You have? What is it?' The blonde Czech escort clapped her hands with glee and spun around searching the room. 'Not what. Who,' he smiled suggestively. Rachel's sparkling blue eyes widened when she saw the slim, naked young woman walk out of the bedroom. She looked at him, a question on her pretty features. 'Yes. She's for you. I know how much you like redheads.' 'Thank you,' she said, throwing her supple body against his and kissing him deeply. Her ardour was fierce as she pushed him back against the wall, her hands running around the back of his neck, through his hair. He could feel the Czech escort's breasts pressed against him, her hips pushing against his erection. With a groan, he reached for her firm round buttocks and pulled her closer, grinding his stiff cock against her soft body. Gasping, Rachel broke off their kiss and turned to the redhead. 'Come here and lie on the floor between my legs,' she said. The redhead obeyed and his beautiful blonde escort knelt over the other woman's face. Rachel undid his trousers and released his straining erection. Her hot mouth closed around his hard cock, sucking him off in an expert display of OWO. He pressed his body against the wall and watched his cock slide in and out of the Czech escort's sexy mouth. Rachel bobbed up and down as she sucked, her cleavage bouncing alluringly whilst she received her own oral attention from the young redhead. Delicate moans and groans emanated from her throat. His dick tingled and his balls swelled. The Bayswater escort gripped his waist, twisting her sensual body as her climax approached. Watching his Czech escort suck him off whilst she was getting licked out by another woman was so erotic. He felt the spunk rush up his cock and spurt down Rachel's throat. Her body convulsed, his release the key to her orgasm. She shuddered and shook whilst she continued to suck and swallow. The euphoric rush that thundered through him made his knees go weak. Supporting himself against the wall, he closed his eyes and let the pleasure pulse around his body. When they were both sated, Rachel sat back and lifted her dress, looking down at the redhead with her cum soaked face. 'Shall we take this to the bedroom now?' she said. Angels of London - For the hottest escort companions to book in London


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