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OWO Probing for Hot East European Anal Call Girl

The anal escort had taken care of his nerves. Her confident and passionate kiss had made him forget all about how impossibly beautiful she was. Instead he focused on how she aroused him and how she moaned with pleasure at his touch. Aida was extremely beautiful - she was everything he had hoped for. Here she was giving him the best OWO of his life and he had an exquisite view. A wiggle of the blonde escort's shapely hips ensured that she had his full attention. Not that he would be looking anywhere else when he had a naked angel on full display right before his eyes. Aida's soft thighs straddled his torso, the anal escort's head rising and falling over his cock whilst her wet pussy and tight asshole were displayed for him. He groaned in response to the combined oral attention and visual stimulation. A dainty foot nudged the items that the escort in Bayswater had handed him earlier. He grinned, feeling naughty. Grasping one of the objects, he squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his hand and slid it over her exposed asshole. A muffled squeal escaped her occupied throat at the touch of the cold fluid on her hot skin. The second item was even colder - a shiny metallic anal probe! He picked it up and ran it teasingly between the sexy anal escort's ass cheeks, sliding it past her tight hole, watching her wriggle her hips in frustration. Damn, she was sexy! Finally, he pushed the probe against the sexy, young escort's asshole. He watched in fascination as it disappeared slowly inside her. Aida pressed back, gently thrusting against the probe. Soft moans emanated from around his hard cock. The client slid his finger between her pussy lips, finding her engorged clit and rubbing it in a circling motion. The anal escort pushed back against the invading probe, harder, faster. The combination of watching himself fuck her ass with an anal probe and receiving OWO was robbing him of his ability to focus. He knew that he couldn't hold back for much longer. Aida sucked his dick with increased vigour, the passion brought on by anal and clitoral stimulation driving her wild with lust. Her hips thrust and circled, she gasped and moaned. He watched her pussy contract, saw the sudden increase in cum run between her lips, felt the tremble in her horny body. She didn't stop sucking though - goodness, she was dedicated. He gave up at that point. It was impossible for him to co-ordinate any more. All he could focus on was the swelling pleasure between his legs, the sucking from the mouth of the anal escort and the intricate touch of her tongue. The dam burst, the erotic swell sweeping over his body, forcing a fountain of cum up his cock and down Aida's throat. Bursts of spunk shot out of his pleasure ravaged dick. His muscles spasmed with each spurt, forcing him to partially sit up, pressing his face into her soft, fragrant ass. 'Oh, fuck, yes!' he cried. When he was drained dry and lay gasping for air, he was already planning what they would do on their next date. Angels of London - For the hottest escort companions to book in London


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