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OWO For Kinky Secretary Call Girl

The secretary escort sat on the edge of his desk. Her long, slim legs were crossed and she had a notepad in one hand and her glasses in the other. She raised the glasses to her sensuous lips and sucked on the stem, she sucked with lips that were made for OWO. 'Shall I take dictation?', asked Valeria, giving him a suggestive look. 'I should fire you,' he said striding across the room and taking the notepad from her hand, 'You are a very naughty secretary.' Her sexy eyes widened in mock surprise. 'Why ever would you say such a thing? There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you.' The sexy London escort reached up and pulled the pin that was holding up her hair. Thick blonde hair tumbled around her slender shoulders. He felt his cock harden. 'Just look at the way you are dressed', he said in a mock stern tone. The naughty secretary escort looked down her slim body, twisting and turning in a way that showed off all of her incredible curves. 'You don't like how I'm dressed?' 'It's most distracting,' he answered, 'Where is your skirt?' 'I found it restrictive,' replied the secretary escort with blonde hair. He cleared his throat, unable to draw his eyes away from the soft thighs that topped her black stockings. Her smart clothing clung to her sexy figure and allowed her full breasts to spill over the top. 'Come and sit down,' she said patting the desk next to her, 'Let me relax you.' 'This is most inappropriate,' he grumbled, still doing as she requested. 'Not yet,' she said, 'but it's about to get extremely inappropriate.' The beautiful secretary escort slid off the desk and knelt in front of him. Valeria unzipped his trousers and released his hard dick. 'You are much too tense,' she noted, running her cool hands up and down the taut length, 'I'm going to sort you out.' Her sinful lips closed around his cock. Unable to pull his eyes away from the stunning London escort, he watched her perform OWO. Every inch of his rigid dick slid in and out of her expert mouth as she sucked and licked. He gripped the edge of the desk, his body buzzing with rising ecstasy. Reaching for her soft blonde hair he pulled her head back. Her mouth released his dick with a loud pop. 'You will come to my office dressed the way you are every day and your first duty will be to relax me with OWO. Do you understand?' Valeria smiled. 'Perfectly,' she said before dipping her mouth over his cock once again. The secretary escort's hand cupped his balls as she swallowed his length and gave him a thorough mouth fucking. When his climax came it tore through him with a strength that he had not experienced before. The naughty secretary escort swallowed every drop of spunk, draining him dry.


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