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Brunette Call Girl in OWO Exposure

The brunette escort gave the best OWO in London. There was no doubt in his mind about that. Presley's slim figure squatted in front of him. She was balanced with perfect poise on a pair of sparkly heels. The only other garment to grace her smooth young body was a thong. He stood on the terrace with the cool night air fanning his aroused skin. The small space in which he enjoyed the beautiful brunette escort's oral attention was sheltered from prying eyes, save for a train track which ran along one side. He sighed with pleasure and breathed in the night air. Looking down at the sexy Paddington escort, he felt his ardour spike. She was delightful - exquisite even. Her flawless skin had a youthful glow to it, her firm ass made his mouth water and her pert breasts bobbed back and forth, making his balls tighten. He loved the line of her waist where it flared to her desirable hips. His eyes became fixated on the erotic sight of her lips sliding along the length of his stiff dick. Saliva and pre-cum glistened around those lips. Every now and then, the brunette escort's tongue would flick out and tease the sensitive tip. He groaned and pushed his fingers into her long hair, guiding her head to the precise speed and depth that he needed in order to last a little bit longer. A delicious tingle raced through his body as he heard the sound that he had been waiting for. The clickety-clack of a train making its way down the tracks, just starting to slow down in anticipation of the nearby station. He had picked this spot with care. The train would be going at just the right speed when it passed them. Releasing his grip on the beautiful young escort's hair, he allowed her free rein. The pinnacle of the night was almost upon them. Presley sucked him hard, his balls responded with a tightening and a quivering. An intense tickling sensation began to build in his groin. With a flash of lights and a burst of sound, the train rushed past them. He looked into the brightly lit windows at all of the people gathering their belongings together and he gloried in the shocked expressions of those that looked out and saw him getting his dick sucked by the beautiful London escort. Presley pulled his dick out of her mouth and held it up in the terrace lights, displaying the strength of his climax to all the nameless faces on the train. Cum pumped from the tip in a powerful white fountain. He flung his arms out and his body shuddered and shook as his legs trembled. He whooped to the night sky in recognition of the glory of life.


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