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Horny OWO Escort Girl shows off with her Favourite Toy

The full, sensual lips of the OWO escort formed a tight, moist grip around his hard cock. Such exquisite pleasure coursed through his veins from her expert OWO technique. Whilst Janet's mouth worked him through all the stages of ecstasy that led to a heavenly climax, his eyes were continually drawn to the mirror behind her. A large dildo was stuck to the smooth, reflective surface. As sexy escort with blonde hair sucked him off, she fucked the dildo. He watched the large hunk of latex splash in and out of her tight pussy. Her enthusiastic mouth around his dick was matched by the thrusting of her sexy hips. Every now and then the sexy OWO escort would thrust back hard enough for him to watch the cheeks of her gorgeous ass press up against the mirror. Janet's slim, toned legs were spread, providing an anchor. She was perfectly poised on high heels which accentuated every line of those incredible legs. In and out slid the dildo, in and out slid his cock. The latex appendage dripped with pussy juices whilst his cock dripped with saliva. He was overwhelmed by the scents and sounds of sex. The sexy London escort began to whimper through his cock, the rhythm of her hips changed, slowing to a stop. He groaned out loud when he saw the OWO escort's pussy tighten in a pulsing grip around the artificial dick and the tremble that shook her smooth thighs. Even whilst her orgasm flooded her beautiful body, Janet continued to suck his cock, her hot mouth wrapped around the taut, naked flesh. 'Fuck, you are amazing,' he gasped. The young escort responded by sucking him harder and faster, her hips beginning to rotate around the dildo once again. He stepped back and pulled her with him. Simultaneously his cock and the dildo were released with loud squelching sounds. Without ceremony, he spun Janet around. 'Suck the dildo,' he said, watching the OWO escort's eyes light up with excited understanding. The OWO escort followed his instructions, making a show of opening her mouth and sliding the dildo that had been inside her soaking wet pussy just moments before between her lips. His hands ran over the round cheeks of her perfect ass. 'Good girl,' he said. Still watching her suck off the dildo in the mirror, he thrust his cock into her tight pussy. Janet's eyelids fluttered, she pushed back against him taking him deeper. He held her hips and fucked her hard and fast. His climax slammed through him, draining him of spunk and energy. Leaning across the beautiful OWO escort's back, he lazily watched her suck the dildo whilst he gathered his resources in order to do it all over again. Time with Janet was not to be wasted.


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