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OWO Call Girl gives Anal Probing

The OWO escort straddled his body. Catherine's smooth thighs hugged his torso, her back to him. He had a perfect view of her sexy ass and her plump pussy lips. His legs were spread wide, all of the London escort's attention focused on his cock and his asshole. The sensations that she was providing for him were out of this world. He never wanted this to end. Slowly, Catherine was building him up towards what he knew would be the most mind-blowing climax of his life. Using a combination of OWO and an anal probe the OWO escort was stimulating all of his pleasure zones at once. Her mouth slid along the length of his shaft, the soft pressure of her inner cheeks gripping him with each measured suck. He gasped and writhed beneath her expert oral attention. A loud groan escaped his throat when her fingers touched his asshole. The OWO escort pressed the skin on either side, opening it up, and slipped the anal probe back inside him again. 'Oh, god,' he moaned, 'Oh, fuck...' He loved how full the probe made him feel, how it stroked all of the nerve endings in his sensitive passage before finding the exquisite spot that was his prostate. His hips bucked in response, his vision darkening with the intensity of the pleasure. The escort in Bayswater continued to suck his cock. He watched his OWO escort's sexy ass rise and fall before him, could see how wet her pussy was. His mind drifted to her beautiful face and her full, sensual lips. Those lips were wrapped around his hard dick right now. He groaned out loud. Catherine's long hair brushed against his thighs adding to the tingles that ran through his body. Up and down went her mouth, in and out went the probe. He was so stimulated that he felt something would burst if he didn't come soon. The sexy OWO escort seemed to sense that she had teased for long enough. She began to suck his cock faster and harder and tipped the anal probe at an angle that kept the pressure on his prostate whilst she vibrated it with her hand. He saw stars, it felt as if he had completely lost touch with the bed, he floated in ecstasy. A rushing sensation filled his body, flooding his groin and crashing up his shaft. 'Holy, fucking shit!' he yelled, 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!' Pleasure exploded through his mind, every nerve in his body zinged, his body shuddered and shook. Spunk filled the OWO escort's mouth, too much for her to swallow. It poured down his shaft over his balls, lubricated the anal probe further. Still it continued, the probe vibrating against his prostate, milking him dry. Angels of London - For the hottest call girls to book in London


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